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Lufthansa Takes Funny Turn on Footie


Lufthansa Airlines is having a bit of fun at the expense of English football fans by playing on heretofore previously unknown stereotypes of its in-flight experience.

An English football fan is told that his flight has been cancelled, and his tickets changed to fly with Lufthansa.

The affected traveller immediately lapses into nightmare visions of tacky crowded cabins featuring Cuckoo clocks and low-res overhead entertainment screens. Flight attendants dish out unappetizing plates of sausage and sauerkraut, and a hostile young German football fan seated behind him touts Germany’s World Cup record.

Of course, the English fan is brought out of this nightmare by the genuine Lufthansa cabin experience—which includes a sudden unexplained upgrade to Business class (but we’ll let that pass).

The boasting young German football fan, however, is all too real.

It’s a brilliantly funny ad launched this month to mark the return of Fanhansa 2016

But who believes Lufthansa’s in-flight service is anything but a pleasure?

Well, if anyone anywhere was still under that impression, this ad will sort that out.

In-Flight Entertainment and Connectivity Market Will Be Worth $9.82 Billion by 2024, Report

In a recently released report, San Francisco-based Grand View Research, Inc. projects the global In-Flight Entertainment And Connectivity (IFEC) market will reach USD 9.82 billion by 2024.

“The emergence of BYOD and development of novel wireless solutions are expected to boost market growth,” the research group states. “The increasing commercial aviation & fleet expansion have further bolstered industry growth. Growing availability of HD content across dynamic platforms are expected to increase IFEC systems’ demand.”