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easyJet Reboots Wearables Made For Walking

Smart Low-Cost carrier easyJet has been investing in high-tech branding, with a focus on wearable technology including LED staff uniforms and a proposal for a new sustainable aircraft.

The airline’s latest Sneakairs Barcelona Street project has a unique and refreshing lifestyle branding twist; creating a product that is both far out and immediately useful.

As if the GPS shoe technology was not enough, the little devices that house the control chip are 3D printed.

For any who enjoy the gentle pulse on the wrist from a Smart Watch to help guide them on a GPS path, it’s easy to imagine these sneakers proving a comfortable alternative. Besides, they look like good quality trainers with nice support. And orange is always in fashion.

Unfortunately, they’re not ready for market, though easyJet hints that they could go into production if there’s enough of a positive public response.

“Right now The Barcelona Street Project is just that: a project. But with your support we can make it reality. Do you like it? Should we get it up and running?”–easyJet

The airline asks visitors to the Barcelona Street Project microsite to heart or share to show they care.

With a click, we could give them a boost and get the Sneakairs trotting. Quite seriously, I’d be eager to buy a pair–especially if they can be fine tuned to navigate terminals!


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