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EgyptAir MS804 Facts Thus Far

We are saddened by news confirmed by Egypt Air that flight MS804 disappeared from radar this morning at 2:30 am over the Mediterranean, the airline has confirmed.

It is reported that the Paris to Cair`o flight was approximately 10 miles from Egyptian airspace when it disappeared.

The airline reports the nationalities of those onboard the A320 aircraft as 15 French, 30  Egyptian, one British, one Belgian, two Iraqis, one Kuwaiti and one Saudi passenger.

Egypt Air has been in touch with families and is making arrangements for their transport and housing near Cairo Airport, as well as coordinating emergency response teams including crisis counselors.

Throughout the day on Thursday, a now sadly commonplace furore of misinformation sharing took place which only led to confusion.

EgyptAir pleaded with the media to take responsible actions when reporting.

Later, perhaps pressured by the demand for information quickly, shared information it had received on debris located which later proved to be false.

One of the most valuable shares of the day, in terms of media and public handling of these events on Social Media, was published by BuzzFeed.

The BuzzFeed article makes a very important point: The public’s desire to know more about a tragic event in aviation comes second to the airline’s responsibility to the families and loved ones of those affected by the tragedy.

The line of communication must be for the airline to verify facts and collaborate with authorities, update the loved ones of victims and provide necessary support, then inform the public at large.  In that order.

EgyptAir did what it was supposed to do.


The airline’s updated information on Friday morning confirming that Egyptian Armed forces have found the first debris of MS804.


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