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Danish Universal Design Makes Automated Bag-Drop Accessible

Universal design is a thing of beauty, as Danish firm Marcus Pedersen demonstrates.

Its height-adaptable baggage drop solution which helps all passengers access the benefits of automated travel services.

The company’s height-adjustable Air.Go On bag-drop solution is as modern and convenient a digital baggage-drop solution as you’ll find in the market. But it was designed for optimum ergonomic use, adjusting the height of the machine so that it can easily be used by all passengers.

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Your Smartphone and Blip Will Help You Get Through Keflavik Faster

Iceland’s Keflavik Airport is using BlipTrack Wi-Fi sensors to track passenger traffic and display accurate wait times at security in real-time, optimising staff and resources.

As one of the fastest growing tourist and transit destinations in Europe, Keflavik has joined a growing group of international airports around the world using Wi-Fi sensors to track passenger flow to improve the traveler experience.

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More than Half of All Flyers Like the Perks of Getting to the Airport Early

An independent survey of frequent flyers published by lounge-membership company Priority Pass finds that 56% of all air travellers would be encouraged to arrive at the airport early if there are treats in store like duty free shopping and special discounts.

The survey of almost 3,000 respondents in the UK, UAE, USA, Germany, France, Singapore and Hong Kong finds that 53% of all passengers believe the airport is something to be enjoyed.

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Melbourne Airport Automates Gates For Even Speedier Travel

Melbourne Airport has added a self-boarding gate as part of an ongoing program reviewing and implementing service modernisation which will make getting from curb to cabin at Melbourne faster and easier.

At the new automated gate, passengers can simply scan their boarding pass to board the aircraft. Automated gates are becoming more common at airports around the world–even if manned by a gate agent to oversee the process–because they speed up passenger processing and accuracy, and they also appeal to today’s strong passenger preference for self-service technology.

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Why Ensuring You Can’t Get In the Polaris Lounge Is the Smartest Brand Move United Made

They say there’s no better position to be in than competing against yourself. Looking inward to what one can do better is far more effective than trying to out-do whatever others have done.

It sets an individual or organisation free to become their best possible self—with no pre-conceived end, no parallel goal-post, no “good enough,” only excellence.