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Melbourne Airport Automates Gates For Even Speedier Travel

Melbourne Airport has added a self-boarding gate as part of an ongoing program reviewing and implementing service modernisation which will make getting from curb to cabin at Melbourne faster and easier.

At the new automated gate, passengers can simply scan their boarding pass to board the aircraft. Automated gates are becoming more common at airports around the world–even if manned by a gate agent to oversee the process–because they speed up passenger processing and accuracy, and they also appeal to today’s strong passenger preference for self-service technology.

The new self-service gate at Melbourne Airport’s T2 International is part of an ongoing program to improve efficiency.

“As Melbourne Airport focuses on optimising the efficient use of assets, technology and innovation play an increasing role in providing better customer service,” Melbourne Airport Executive Planning Michael Jarvis said.

Installation of automated gates is one of the solutions identified by IATA to improve the journey, not only making customers happier but also potentially saving the industry up to $2 billion a year.

“SITA is committed to our technology partnership with Melbourne Airport which allows us to explore the potential benefits of services and plan the ideal solution implementation with the airport team,” says Ilya Gutlin, SITA President, Asia Pacific. “Moving forward, we are exploring how technology and innovative services can further improve the passenger experience and operations at Melbourne Airport.”

The launch comes after a three-month period of study in collaboration with aviation technology company, SITA. The new self-service gate is evaluated for speed of processing, accuracy, and passenger perception. The airport reports that initial results of the trial are positive.

“Working closely with expert vendors and service providers, like SITA, facilitates the testing of world-class solutions at Melbourne Airport and allows our passengers to be among the first to experience leading-edge technology that will improve their experience,” said Jarvis.

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