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Masters Of the Universe: Design Ideas For Your Own Private A350XWB

For Masters of the Universe who need their own private A350 XWB to get wherever it is they need to be in maximum comfort, Airbus has released new cabin lay-out proposals which are sure to please.

The airframe manufacturer launched its ACJ350 XWB during EBACE (European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition) this past month, as the ideal flying castle for the Master of the Universe who literally has everything already—except his own private A350 XWB. (We’re just assuming you’re a gentleman, but if you’re a lady more power to you!)

Airbus describes the ACJ350XWB as offering “the equivalent of several houses of floorspace” which is nice because you surely need several houses worth of comfortable flying room for you and your entourage.

To be specific, the ACJ350 XWB will give you a nice 270m2/2,910 ft2 to work with. It’s not quite as large as a private A380, but it is “today’s most modern and capable corporate jet.”

The only downside of trying to fly several houses worth of plane is that it’s quite a lot to space to design, certify, and install.

With a state-of-the-art carbon fibre fuselage, the process of outfitting the ACJ350 XWB is far more complex than that time you decided to decorate your private palace in the ’contemporary medieval’ style. But worry not! Airbus is all over that.

“Airbus has thus chosen to pre-equip the carbon fibre fuselage of the ACJ350 with hundreds of attachment points, greatly simplifying the work of cabin-outfitters. It has also worked extensively with several cabin outfitters to ensure smooth completions for customers,” the aircraft manufacturer explains.

In the capable hands of the Airbus team–and under the supervision of several talented designers we could easily refer you to–you can create a quiet, cosy, multi-room mansion that is wholly bespoke and entirely to your liking.

These images are only suggestions. You do not have to install green carpet.

As Airbus Chief Operating Officer, Customers, John Leahy says, you now have “a new way to take [your] business to the world!”

And, for those who desire only a couple of houses worth of corporate jet—more a flying chalet than floating fortress—you can select an ACJ319neo or ACJ320neo as alternatives.

These are still three times larger than your run-of-the-mill lower digit billionaire-style private jet.

The ACJ319neo and ACJ320neo also make nice “secondary” aircraft for ACJ350XWB owners who need more room for staff.

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