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SAS Swedish Pilots Strike Ends, Costs Undetermined

SAS announced late Tuesday that an agreement was reached with Swedish pilots union SPF putting an end to the strike which had been ongoing since last Friday.

The airline has not specified the terms of the agreement reached which finally led to the conclusion of the labour conflict, but it is retroactive to April 2016 and will be valid for one year. Having already reached agreement with Norwegian pilots, all the airline’s negotiations with pilots unions are concluded.

Rickard Gustafson, President and CEO of SAS said, “It has been a difficult process and we are relieved that the strike is called off and that our customers can take their flights as planned. I deeply regret that so many customers have been affected by this strike.”

While it lasted, SAS says the strike led to the cancellation of around 1,000 flights with 100,000 passengers affected, adding, “The financial effects from the strike are yet too early to quantify.”

SAS announced that it expected air traffic to normalise “during the next few days.”


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