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As EU Air Traffic Controller Strikes Resume, A4E CEOs Head to Brussels

As unprecedented levels of Air Traffic Controllers’ strikes in Europe are bound to disrupt the plans of European holiday makers, A4E CEOs head to Brussels to express their frustration with this ongoing situation and to urge action by the European Council during a special Summit.

Nine strike days have been announced in France, Italy and Portugal.

Today’s 35 hour ATC strike in France alone has led to 200 flight cancellations, disrupting the travel plans of thousands.

A4E describes tis as “the prelude to an unprecedented strike wave just starting when millions of holiday makers hit the airports to conquer beaches and pools across the continent.”

“Over the next four weeks another eight strikes have been already announced in Italy and Portugal and more than 1,000 flights at risk of being cancelled,” airline association states.

A4E CEO Summit in Brussels Focuses on ATC Strike Troubles

“European travellers face a summer of chaos, disruption and ruined holidays due to ATC strikes. Just this week nine strike days have been confirmed for June and July and they surely won’t be the last.”–Thomas Reynaert, A4E.

Thomas Reynaert, Managing Director of A4E, further says of the planned strikes:

“There has never been a greater urgency for the European Commission and the governments to act and to protect the rights of millions of European travellers affected by this unceasing strike actions. There is nothing stopping further ATC strikes—we need urgent action to stop these controllers from infringing on people’s rights and destroying their holiday plans.”

The airlines group reports that ATC strikes in Greece, Italy, Belgium and France since March have caused over 3,000 cancellations among its members, and resulted in more than 16,000 hours of cumulative delays across all airlines operating in European airspace.

In 2015 more than 10,000 flights operated by A4E members were affected by 28 days of ATC strikes in Europe.

“Next Tuesday, our member airlines’ CEOs will meet with key industry players in Brussels to pave the way for technological, operational and political solutions to minimise strike effects. We will call for immediate action to prevent the holidays of European families being spoilt by these strikes which cause uncertainty and disruption for our customers,” Reynaert says.

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