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Day: 24 June 2016

#Aviation Matters

IATA on Brexit: 3-5% Reduction in Passengers, Fate of EU/US Open Skies Agreements TBD

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released a “preliminary analysis” of the impact to the air transport industry of the UK’s EU Referendum decision.

The association acknowledges a generalised uncertainty, estimates the impact to UK passenger numbers, and addresses questions on policy and regulations going forward.

#Airports#Aviation Matters

After the Vote, Airports Urge Continued Integration of EU and UK Aviation Markets

The UK vote in favour of leaving the European Union raises a number of questions for the aviation industry which we will want to watch closely in the months ahead.

Europe’s airports have issued a statement today calling for continued integration of European and UK aviation markets—“to safeguard and promote vital air connectivity for consumers as well as continued economic development.”