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Brexit: Ryanair’s Not Sour but Refreshing

Ryanair, which had ardently argued in favour of the UK to remain in the European Union has taken a refreshing approach to defeat.

In essence, the airline’s response has been: ‘When the UK gives you lemons, pull your juicer out of the bottom shelf and set up a tempting lemonade stand.’


And my personal favourite:

You can see the entire photo shoot of this one-of-a-kind suit on Flight Chic’s Facebook page. I say bid: it’s an unforgettable bit of history.

At the time of writing, the suit is running EUR 182.50, so I suspect Ryanair’s already made a profit on it.    

At least there are some things that you can comfortably predict in this life: come what may, Ryanair’s good for a giggle.

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