If you enjoy food, but you’d rather be sipping on a coconut on the beach in Maui than reminiscing in the kitchen with Julia, I suggest a quick visit to Hawaiian Airlines.

The airline’s new series of cooking shorts “How to cook like a local”  promise authentic island flavour in relatively little time.

Each simple Hawaiian homestyle meals is presented by a local chef restauranteur. Because Hawaiian understands you’ve got better things to do–like jumping on your board to ride a few waves–the videos take under a minute to watch. Some are as short as 40 seconds.

Hawaiian Airlines includes a full list of ingredients and the steps for preparation in the video’s description on YouTube..so there’s no need to panic and rush to find a notepad and pencil.

Just watch the clips. Buy the ingredients. Mix up some island goodness, and enjoy more time in the sun.

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Marisa Garcia

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