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Nearly 80% of Travellers Would Welcome Biometric ID

A recent survey of passengers, conducted by ExpertFlyer, finds that 79% of travellers are ready to overcome privacy concerns and embrace biometrics technology to streamline their journey.

These passengers were willing to participate in biotech ID programs like fingerprint or retina scans in exchange for shorter lines at checkpoints and improved security.

More than a third of those who participated in the ExpertFlyer survey (37%) said they took extra precautions over the past year including: a heightened awareness of the people around them and what those people are doing (80%); buying travel insurance (40%); and avoiding specific destinations where either specific incidents or terror threats have occurred (41%).

Contributing to the ExpertFlyer report on traveller preferences, Sean O’Neill, editor of travel intelligence site Tnooz said:

“It’s somewhat breathtaking to learn that 79% would relinquish some privacy to expedite security processes with retina scans and other biometrics technology. However, the idea is not uncommon. The Japanese government is testing a system where travellers can link fingerprint to passports and credit cards to speed up airport and shopping lines when it hosts the Olympics in 2020.”

The recent attacks Brussels and Istanbul Atatürk airports have demonstrated the vulnerability of crowds gathered in public areas of airports—regardless of stringent security measures.

As ACI EUROPE has pointed out, the risk level in airport public areas before the security checkpoint is no different from the risk to other public areas in cities which terrorists might want to target.

But these security concerns make a compelling argument in favour of applying modern technologies to reduce check-in times and security queues.

That such a large proportion of passengers embrace these solutions might encourage governments, airports, and airlines to look more closely at the great number of viable solutions already available in the market which would reduce security risks while making travel more convenient and more pleasant.

The ExpertFlyer survey revealed other interesting insights into passengers’ travel habits which can be reviewed in the infographic below.


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