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ViaSat Gets $73 Million Air Force 1 Wi-Fi Deal

ViaSat has announced a new $73 Million contract with the United States Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) to provide in-flight internet service on U.S. Government VC-25s (AirForce 1), C-17s, C-32s, C-37s, C-40s and the complete range of VIP and special air mission aircraft.

A Boeing VC-25 (Air Force 1) Flying Over Mt. Rushmore. Wikimedia Commons. 

The contract will support a “Situation Room in the Sky” with broadband connection streaming full-motion high-definition video for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaisance (ISR), en-route Command and Control (C2) and Search and Rescue (S&R) missions. 

Participants will be able to maintain two-way communications through HD video conference calling or voice over internet protocol (VOIP) calls. They will also access real-time intelligence and location-based, live-sensor data to aide in critical decision making.

“ViaSat’s high-capacity global in-flight internet service ensures executive and government leaders and their teams can stay connected, informed and productive, maximizing the effectiveness of time in-flight with ‘Situation Room and Command Center’ connectivity in the sky,” said Ken Peterman, senior vice president and general manager, Government Systems Division, ViaSat. “This award is a significant accomplishment and we are proud to be delivering remarkably fast data speeds and an abundance of capacity to support the in-flight communications needs of our government’s senior leadership on Air Force One and other special air mission aircraft.”

ViaSat’s system offers hybrid Ku-/Ka-band connections, which give governments access to the best available satellites at all phases of flight. A hybrid terminal and radome allows the automatic switching of satellite bands in-flight to support global roaming.

The contract will be in effect from June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017 with two options for six-month extensions.

You Don’t Have to Be POTUS to Get ViaSat Wi-Fi

The high-speed connectivity provider has contracts to offer high-speed connectivity on airlines which include American Airlines, EL/AL, JetBlue, Qantas, Virgin America and United Airlines.

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