Rebel Aero announces that it received EASA ADOA approval for its Rebel S:two seat design.

This alternative seat aims to give Economy passengers some respite in crowded cabins conditions by allowing them to stretch their legs when reclining upright. The seat cushion can be placed in a normal seating position or lifted up, similar to a theatre seat, for easier row egress. When upright, the cushion also functions as a lean-to seat, allowing passengers to travel in a semi-upright position.

Rebel seat

While the design is compelling, the designers must pass regulatory hurdles before they can persuade airlines to give the Rebel seat a chance.

With an ADOA (Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approval), the manufacturer says it can now move forward towards ETSO (European Technical standard Order) C127 approval–certification for flight. Because the design is a functional deviation from airline seats flying today, it required this exception to the design standard.

The manufacturer will conduct 16G dynamic testing of the seat, to gain final C127 approval. The Rebel S:two design has already undergone 9G static and abuse testing.


Rebel Aero says new enquiries about the seat come in daily.

Who knows, soon we could be flying semi-upright for as long as we like–and getting to the restroom on long flights could be easier.

You can learn more about the design thinking behind this unconventional aircraft seat in my article for APEX.

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