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easyJet Wants to Help Nervous Flyers Overcome their Fears in Time to Enjoy Christmas

European low-cost carrier, easyJet, aims to help nervous flyers overcome their fears in time to enjoy an October Half-Term or Christmas holiday getaway.

The airline has launched ten new Fearless Flyer course programs around the UK for the autumn, starting in September and running through to November of this year. The new programs are an extension of successful courses offered since 2012.

“The courses will come just in time for those planning to get away for the October half term and Christmas period who may need a helping hand to fly confidently,” the airline states in its announcement.

Lawrence Leyton, Phobia Expert for easyJet's Fearless Flyer course

The easyJet Fearless Flyer course takes two days to complete.

During the first day, phobia expert Lawrence Leyton covers proven mind techniques which can help flyers control their nerves. A senior easyJet pilot also explains the sounds and sensations experienced onboard a flight, to cut through some of the mystery and help anxious flyers know what is perfectly normal.

On the following day, course attendees go on a dedicated one hour flight, which features full in-flight commentary to help address any anxiety participants might feel.

The courses cost £189 per person, and easyJet offers discounted fees so that attendees can bring a friend or family member along on the flight during day two for £69.

One in Six are Nervous Flyers

easyJet reports that approximately one in six people suffer from a fear of flying, and aerophobia is estimated to affect millions in the UK.

“We’re pleased to be announcing more dates and locations on our Fearless Flyer programme to give even more people across the UK the opportunity to fly more comfortably and confidently. The course is suitable for anyone who is a nervous flyer, whether they experience slight anxiety or whether they have never flown before,” says Peter Duffy, easyJet’s Group Commercial Director.

“One of the main pieces of feedback we receive from previous participants is that they wish they had taken the course sooner. We have a success rate of more than 95% and would encourage anyone thinking of taking part to book a place and conquer their fears. Our Fearless Flyers regularly send us snaps of themselves on golden beaches or by famous landmarks abroad, from Spain to Portugal to further afield such as the US and Australia – some of whom had never flown before the course!”

Mark Wein, easyJet’s Fearless Flyer Course Director, adds:

“Demand for our courses is increasing year on year and since 2012 we have successfully seen over 3,500 people take to the sky fearlessly from the 50 courses that we have run to date. So I’m really pleased that this autumn we will be extending our number of courses to 10 including an extra course in Newcastle for 2016 and Birmingham for the very first time.

“As an ex-phobic myself, I know firsthand how restrictive a fear of flying can be and the knock-on effect it can have for others as it can often ground an entire family and limit the choice of holiday destinations. But in virtually every case, it is a very easy fix. Whether it’s a technical fear of the aircraft itself, or a psychological fear such as claustrophobia or a fear of heights, it’s simply a matter of gaining knowledge of how an aircraft flies or learning coping strategies to manage and remove the fear. This is exactly what we teach on the course and why it’s proving to be such a highly successful formula.”

Those interested can attend easyJet’s courses as follows:


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