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Two Inspiring Swedish Women Grace Norwegian’s Latest Aircraft

Two inspiring and influential Swedish women now grace the tail of Norwegian planes: author and feminist Fredrik Bremer, and artist and designer Karin Larsson.

Fredrika Bremer (1801-1865) was a Swedish writer and strong advocate of women’s rights.

Her books became popular in Sweden and also abroad and were translated into English, German and French. The themes of her books echoed her conviction that women deserved freer social status and advanced education. She is regarded as a foremost pioneer of the Swedish women’s movement.

“Fredrika Bremer is one of Sweden’s most famous female cultural figures. She saw as his mission in life to fight for justice. She was a pioneer and visionary, and she had sales of their ideas into practice. That she graces the tail fin of a Norwegian aircraft is something we are very proud of,” says Gunnel Stenqvist, Chairman of the Society for Årsta Fredrika Bremer studies.

Karin Larsson (1859-1928) was a Swedish artist and designer.

After studying at the Academy, she traveled to Grez outside Paris where she met her future husband the artist Carl Larsson. Through a growing collaboration with her husband, Karin shifted her focus from drawings and paintings to textiles and furnishings. Karin Larsson became especially famous for her innovative interior style which broke away from contemporary heavy and drab ideals, and introduced a fresh simplicity, embellished with colour and whimsy, which became internationally recognised as the “Swedish style” that endures today. She drew and designed fabrics, some of which she wove herself, and designed most of the furniture the couple produced, enlisting local carpenters to build them.

“Karin Larsson was a trendsetting designer long before her time and created one of the world’s best known and most personal arts. We are very honored that she is depicted on one of Norwegian’s aircraft,” says Chia Jonsson, head of Carl Larsson house.

Commemorating Scandinavian (and international) icons in its livery is a brand signature for Norwegian.

Norwegian features famous personalities on its aircraft to highlight the people who have been responsible for change, challenged norms, and inspired others. To be selected, that person must be historically known and important in her or his field.

“We continue to proudly adorn our new aircraft with more Swedish personalities,” says Charlotte Holmbergh Jacobsson, Head of Communications at Norwegian.

Norwegian now has a total of 14 Swedish personalities who adorn an aircraft. Besides Fredrika Bremer and Karin Larsson also Selma Lagerlof, Carl Larsson, Carl Linnaeus, Povel Ramel, Anders Zorn, Evert Taube, Anders Celsius, John Bauer, Jenny Lind, Elsa Beskow, Christina Nilsson each have their own Boeing 737-800 aircraft commemorating their legacy. Greta Garbo features on one of Norwegian’s 11 Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft.

As Norwegian continues phasing in new aircraft to its growing fleet, we can expect more famous Scandinavian personalities to appear at airports around the world, and take flight.

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