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Icelandair Wants Icelanders to Get Out and Find their City

Iceland is doing a lot to promote as a destination, and both Icelandair and WOW Air offer nifty stop-over packages for those who would rather take a leisurely skip and hop accross the Atlantic, than one quick leap.

But Icelandair is also promoting out-bound tourism, encouraging Icelanders to tap into their adventurous Nordic roots, get out, and explore the world.

To get them going, the airline has produced a humorous series of mini-guides which ask: Is [this] your city?

They are produced as an amouse-bouche which builds the appetite for the larger travel meal.

Each under-a-minute-guide features a local guy or gal ready to share snippets of sites and activities which hearty Icelandic travellers might enjoy.

From mid-August to just this week, Icelandair has released mini city guides for:



New York












And, of course, Copenhagen


Bonus for those from abroad: read the subtitles and you can learn a little Icelandic!

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