Norwegian Gives Roald Dahl his Very Own Peachy Plane

Norwegian has announced that beloved author Roald Dahl will become the airline’s first ever British ‘tail fin hero’. The announcement comes as the world celebrates ‘Roald Dahl Day’ marking his 100th birthday. Born in Cardiff, Dahl was of Norwegian descent.

The new Roald Dahl tail fin will fly later this year adorning a Norwegian Boeing 737-800 plane.


Anyone else think Norwegian would be silly not to offer “Golden Tickets” for the first flight of this beauty? Even digital ones!

The creator of enduring classics including James and the Giant Peach, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Mathilda was also an aviator. He enlisted at 23 with the RAF and served as a fighter pilot during the second World War until a plane crash left him with a severe back injury which prevented him from flying aircraft again.

Dahl then launched himself fully into the limitless skies of his imagination, writing books for adults and later the children’s classics for which he is universally adored by fans of all ages. The theme of flight appears in many of his stories.

“Selecting our first ever British tail fin hero is not only a mark of our huge plans for UK expansion, it is also chance to recognise a truly heroic British figure. Roald Dahl has inspired generations of adults and children and as the world celebrates his centenary, it is a great honour to have this world-famous author adorn our aircraft,” says Thomas Ramdahl, Chief Commercial Officer.

Ronald Dahl earned a reputation as a talented wordsmith honoured also by the Oxford English Dictionary today by the official entry of several of his scrumdiddilyumptious scribenings into the revered reference of the English language.

“Roald Dahl is widely regarded as the world’s number one storyteller. Many elements of his universally-loved stories are said to have roots in the Norwegian tales that he heard from his family and from visits to Norway as a child. To be recognised for his connection to Norway in this centenary year, and for him to be made the first British tail fin for Norwegian, is something we are extremely proud of,” says Bernie Hall, Brand Marketing Manager, Roald Dahl Literary Estate.

Marisa Garcia

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