Delta has had a lot of fun with Safety Videos, stretching the limits between informative and farce. But its latest release really has me stumped.

Maybe it’s genius. Maybe we now know what’s on the other side of a shark jump.

I’ll let Delta explain, and you decide.

 So what do you make of it?
By the way, if you really want to know what it takes to survive an airplane accident, read my interview with Doreen Welsh, the flight attendant who was at the back of the fateful USAirways flight which became Miracle on the Hudson, featured in the latest issue of Aircraft Interiors International Magazine.

3 thoughts

  1. Admittedly I only watch the demo to avoid seeming rude to the crew, but four minutes? Four long, noisy, irritating minutes? Not a prayer. Wonder though if Delta have any real data on the kids this is aimed at. Would they want to watch it? Do they absorb the safety content or does “gotta win the game” soak up all their attention? Does it, in fact, hold their attention without zombies and hideous violence? (Yep, I’m the mother of two gaming obsessed boys). After all, just because I like chocolate doesn’t mean I want to watch somebody else eat it 🙂


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