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Also, in the Skies: 33 Hot Aviation Happenings in Week 38

Aviation moves fast, and every week I find stories I would like to have written more about. To share these hot news items (and some news which simply caught my eye), I’m introducing ‘Also, in the Skies.’
Here you’ll find a list of announcements and events which helped shape the week in key Flight Chic categories: Aviation Business, Airline and Airport Marketing, Travel Technology, Passenger Experience, and Aviation Safety.

Week 38: Splits, marriage, birthdays and new outfits seemed to dominate the news.

1. Because Brangelina. Norwegian is always on trend.

2. AAL’s new uniforms lead to fashionable safety briefing.

It’s a very sharp look.

3. Saudia false hijacking alarm. I went through this once. Not fun.

4. Criticism of U.S. Pre-Clearance Border Controls at Dublin Airport. Fair?

5. BA enhances First Class experience at Heathrow T5

6. easyJet and TUI contemplate marriage.

7. ‘Typo’ leads to erroneous sale of €600 million in Ryanair stock

8. Is M&S food so bad? I’m just shocked when I still get free food on short haul flights.

9. Expert take on Brexit impact to UK airline, via Royal Aeronautical Society.

10. Schiphol celebrates 70 years

11. The Emotional Support Animal (ESA) thing is out of control.

12. Don’t graffiti your plane. Just don’t.

13. Airbus has ups and downs.

14. No. You can’t live in the airline lounge for free.

15. Surprise: The printed page is alive and thriving in the skies.

16. New Transpacific partnership for Delta and Virgin Australia

17. Latin American passengers want in-flight connectivity too.

18. Google Trips is finally here.

19. This is an airline branding chart worth obsessing over.

20. Boeing gets clearance on plane sales to Iran

21. Air New Zealand expands commitment to Premium travel sales increasing high-revenue seats on 787s and 777s

22. Embraer gets in the aircraft seating business.

23. Cabin class gap grows. More call for middle-market Premium Economy.

24. Airlines encounter merchandising challenges. Pricing strategy is a science onto itself.

25. Air France/KLM says it is all about the customer.

26. Azores Airlines goes for long-range (Airbus A321LR).

27. Check out this map of the Miracle on the Hudson, by Jeppesen via the APEX association

28. IATA seeks anti-trust immunity to address Venezuela’s blocked funds.

29. Denver International Airport selects Panasonic Aero Weather Solutions.

30. IATA’s new chief calls for more (and faster) innovation.

31. Iberia celebrates 70th anniversary of first flight to Latin America with special livery.

32. U.S. antitrust officials extend review of Alaska Air and Virgin America merger.

33. Cathay Pacific celebrates its 70th birthday. (Looking great, BTW.)

For the Chuckles

Safety Matters

Bonus: You bet your bippy!

There is not one thing in the aviation world that a woman can’t do. Not one thing.” —Joanne Borg, United, story via the APEX Assoiation.


A safe and enjoyable week 39 to you all!

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