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More Airline Food You’ll Want to Make at Home

Readers will recall that Hawaiian Airlines’ cooking show offers great quick recipes, and cooking tips from local chefs, for when you’d rather be at the beach. But if you’re dreaming of Napoli, hungry for risotto, and have always wanted to make the perfect Cannolo, the Alitalia food channel has you covered.

With its ‘Taste the original one!’ series, Alitalia follows the recipe for airline food channel success, keeping each video is under a minute.

The trick to the Alitalia recipes is that the airline seems to follow my great grandmother’s policy on recipes. Whenever I asked her “how much” she would reply, “If you have to ask, then you can’t cook.” She also believed you should cook with the eyes and the nose, in other words know how much to add based on whether the food looks and smells right. OK, that’s a bit severe, and possibly my great grandmother didn’t like to share her secrets. (Through trial and error, I figured them out. But I’ll never tell!)

Anyway, I suspect the same dynamic is at play here with Alitalia. It would have been nice if they added the list of ingredients under the video, as Hawaiian Airlines did, but they’re appealing to more “eyes and nose” adventurous cooks.

If your results vary, they suggest that you go to Italy to enjoy more of these fine dishes, which is a tasty notion.

Here’s the Italian airline’s food (to try) to make at home:

Pasta alla Gricia

Risotto allo zafferano


More, more, more..How do you like it?

The possibilities in this space are limitless. Recently, ANA has partnered with the Big Story to produce branded content which appeals to gourmands with content that explains the mystique and art of Japanese cuisine.

“Food is a huge part of our heritage; it’s an art form,” Nanako Murakami, assistant manager European marketing for ANA Europe, told Digiday. “We wanted to create a truly authentic, quintessentially Japanese experience with these videos. That kind of feeling is lacking in marketing and advertising about Japan. These videos capture the real Japan.”

The Good Life

Airlines and airports alike are getting smart with their lifestyle videos, and appealing to foodies is only part of a strong lifestyle content strategy.

For those who are more interested in travel fashion or make-up tips, Copenhagen Airport has your back.

Danish fashion maven Pernille Teisbæk offers sound advice on what-to-wear to the airport in a series of videos on the CPH Channel. (In Danish, but you’ll get the idea.)

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