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Flipping Out Over Hawaiian Airlines’ New Premium Flip-Flop Flight Socks, and the Rest of the Kit

Hawaiian Airlines has revealed the amenities which will accompany its new A330 Premium Cabin experience, including a pair of in-flight socks woven to look like flip flops which I’m frankly flipping over.

Why? Well, the airline could have simply let customers have ordinary flight socks with what is a really lovely amenity kit. That would have been just fine. No one would have noticed. But they made sure you notice! It’s all in the details.

HA+Premium+Cabin+Amenity+Kit Flight Socks copy.jpeg
Admit it. You know you want these flight socks, Source: Hawaiian Airlines


Kit and Caboodle 

Hawaiian partnered with renowned local designer Sig Zane to create amenity kits which complement the design of its new premium cabin and “imbue a sense of island bliss.”

2J9A4978 Rae Huo photo 9/16. Buyout.Hawaiian Airlines Lie Flat, Products
2J9A4978 Rae Huo photo 9/16. Buyout. Hawaiian Airlines Lie Flat, Products

Included in the new Hawaiian Airlines amenity collection are:

  • a cotton quilt and a lounging pillow adorned in a ‘Auli‘ilani lehua flower pattern
  • an eye mask, plush mattress pad and pillow
  • a selection of soothing skin care products, including a hand and body balm, lip balm and hydrating mist packed into keepsake his and hers bags.
  • personal care amenities of a dental kit, and a bamboo comb
  • and those flip flop flight socks which invite travellers to “E Hiamoe Maika‘i” (Sleep well.)

“ʻAuliʻilani, the lehua blossom, is the allure of the forests,” Zane explains of the flower pattern which carries through the various complements of the amenities collection. “Poetically, a lover and a good friend, we embrace each lehua with fondness and aloha.”

Wow! All that in a little flower! 

Hawaiining and Dining

Hawaiian pairs those luscious amenities with a side of delish.

Hawaiian’s Executive Chef Chai Chaowasaree’s world-class cuisine is served on custom-crafted dinnerware, linens and trays, and showcases delicious regional food by Hawai‘i’s top local chefs. A premier cocktail and full beverage bar service will offer specialty drinks such as a signature Mai Tai, wines selected by Hawaiian’s Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya, local craft beer and Hawai‘i-made spirits.

A Unique Premium Experience

This level of detail is unsurprising coming from Hawaiian Airlines. At the end of last year, the airline revealed plans to offer one of the most unique and attractive Premium cabins in the skies, designed also to reflect the look, feel, and flavour of Hawai’i.

The airline could have conformed to base-models from popular suppliers (who make excellent aircraft seats), but Hawaiian wanted to compete in a tight market by offering customers something bespoke and refreshing.

With flowing curves evocative of the winds and the ocean, Hawaiian’s spacious Premium Cabin features 18 lie-flat leather seats that fold into fully-flat beds, measuring 20.5 inches wide and 76 inches long,  in a couples-friendly 2-2-2 configuration. The attractive glass divider also offers business travellers and singles the privacy they crave.

The seat features intuitive controls and multiple power ports, including two USB connections and one A/C outlet.

An advanced in-flight entertainment system offers a catalogue of over 100 hours of movies and TV shows on a 13-inch wide-screen tablet fixed on an adjustable telescoping arm for adjustable viewing angle.

Get ‘Em While They’re Hot

(They’re always hot. And yet so very cool.)

The fully lie-flat Premium seats onboard Hawaiian’s Airbus A330 aircraft are now up for sale for flights starting in December between Honolulu and Narita, Japan, Sydney and Brisbane, Australia, and Auckland, New Zealand. The Premium Cabin is available for travel starting Dec. 5 between Honolulu and Narita, Brisbane and Auckland, and as of Dec. 13 for flights between Honolulu and Sydney.

“We are thrilled to introduce our international guests to our lie-flat seats – the centerpiece of a Premium Cabin thoughtfully crafted to bring onboard all of the sights, sounds and tastes of Hawai‘i,” said Avi Mannis, Hawaiian’s senior vice president for marketing. “We look forward to bringing this distinctive experience to additional markets in the coming year.”

HA Lie-Flat Seat

Sleeping on Hawaiian Airlines new Premium Cabin featuring lie-flat seating, with the new Auliʻilani pattern comforters. Source: Hawaiian Airlines.
1B2A8380 Rae Huo photo 9/16. Buyout. Hawaiian Airlines Lie Flat, Asian Couple sleeping

Hawaiian’s lie-flat seats debuted this summer as a surprise-and-delight experience for guests traveling on the airline’s North America network. The Premium Cabin will arrive in additional markets as the company retrofits its fleet of 23 wide-body A330 aircraft through 2017.

As part of the cabin retrofit, Hawaiian is responding to the popularity of its premium economy product by adding 28 additional Extra Comfort seats to the A330 aircraft.

Hawaiian Airline’s Extra Comfort seating features a 36-inch seat pitch, on-demand in-seat entertainment, and a personal power outlet, and priority boarding.

Today, Hawaiian’s wide-body, twin-aisle A330-200 aircraft seat 294 passengers, with 18 in Business/First Class, 40 in Extra Comfort and 236 in the Main Cabin.

The airline has reduced the number of seats in the new configuration to 278 passengers, with 18 seats in the Premium Cabin, 68 in the Extra Comfort cabin and 192 in the Main Cabin. Seat pitch in the Main Cabin is a leg-friendly 31 inches.

The new island-inspired amenities (including those flip flop flight socks) will debut on Hawaiian’s flights between Honolulu and Narita, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

The airline industry is a tough game. You have to have quite a pair of coconuts to put up with the challenges sometimes. These new premium offerings give Hawaiian Airlines a better opportunity to defend and grow its high-revenue routes.

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  1. Love those amenity kits! Best in show for sure.

    Reminds me Marisa, I think it was one of your articles that showed the Qantas pjs in Olympic green and gold??? Well shortly after the games finished I accepted the pjs offer when boarding at LAX for a Melbourne flight, immediately calling back the flight attendant to check they weren’t green (they weren’t). Apparently green was a big hit (nowt queerer than folk, as my Yorkshire grandparents would say), selling on EBay for $100!

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