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Also, In the Skies: 27 Hot Aviation Happenings in Week 41

Hot happenings in the skies this week include huge milestones, big orders, and old problems which just need to stop already.

This weekly post is my ‘round tuit’. Included are stories which caught my eye and others which I couldn’t cover in-depth during the week, but thought Flight Chic readers would want to know about.

1. Airbus’ 10,000 Aircraft

2. Delta partners with Lands’ End for new uniforms.

Full collection with designs by Zac Posen will be revealed publicly on Oct. 18.
More than 60,000 frontline employees worldwide will don the new uniforms in 2018.

3. Brussels Airport installs BLIP systems for queue monitoring with real-time wait time displays.

4. Oslo’s North Pier opens for domestic traffic.

5. Chinese airline Juneau becomes Star Alliance Connecting Partner, opening up more connections via Shanghai.

6. Alaska Airlines finds transfer of Virgin America mileage program complicated. (It’s all complicated.)

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 airline bans have been extended around the world.

When will anyone know that all problematic devices have been pulled from the market and that no passengers are carrying the device?

8. And how is this fine supposed to work?

9. How airlines plan to contain lithium battery fire risks.

10. WOW Air cabin crew don’t want to get stuck cleaning cabins at the end of their flights.

11. Ryanair is now bigger than Alitalia in Italy.

12. Airlines prepare for impact of Pacific Northwest Mega-Storm.

13. Airbus isn’t ready to quit on the A380. Neither is Singapore Airlines.

14. Learn more about SITA Lab’s robotics studies.

I’m not worried whether the robots will rise. In fact, they should hurry up about it.

15. United flights disrupted by another computer glitch. How can airlines address their IT vulnerabilities?

16. Boeing sales chief retires.

17. A candid and incredibly touching 747 love story from Cathay Pacific’s Group Manager of Social Media.

18. China Southern is recruiting Foodies to sample dishes. Nom.

19. Icelandair re-starts Stopover Buddy campaign.

20. Cathay Pacific announces “critical review” of business.

21. Boeing has a very good week. Again.

22. Air France introduces weather risk management system.

23. This exposé behind the scenes of the American Airlines and US Airways merger is quite a long read, and totally worth it.

24. European passenger traffic growth in 2015.

25. JFK T4 Rebrands

26. Anderson’s sudden retirement from Delta Board

27. Try walking a mile with heels–and I don’t just mean the shoes.

Honest. Women have had it up to here in the skies and on the ground. Check. The. Date.

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