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Panasonic Avionics and AeroMobile Deliver Global 3G Service in the Air

Panasonic Avionics Corporation (Panasonic) and AeroMobile announce that the new 3G eXPhone system is now global available. Its technology builds Panasonic’s eXPhone service, which is already installed on over 450 aircraft across 19 airlines around the world.

The companies report increased adoption of the eXPhone platform as well as increased customer demand for on-board mobile connectivity.

This new 3G technology, operating on Panasonic’s eXConnect service, opens up a broader range of applications which passengers can enjoy in-flight, coming closer to a mobile experience on the ground. The new eXPhone 3G allows for faster browsing, bigger attachments, quicker posts, more responsive apps and gaming.

“Our continued partnership with AeroMobile is testament to the eXPhone platform and how it enables airlines to offer mobile connectivity in the aircraft cabin that is easy and simple to connect to and use,” says David Bruner, Vice President of Global Communications Services, Panasonic Avionics Corporation. “The technology’s continued success demonstrates how Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity are totally complimentary services, consistently doubling the number of connected users in the cabin and revenue opportunities for the airline.”

Kevin Rogers, Chief Executive Officer at AeroMobile adds: “Passengers carry different devices, have different connectivity needs and have different payment preferences. Passengers each have their own connected world. We are all used to choice on the ground—choice between mobile and Wi-Fi connectivity—and we are proud that our partnership with Panasonic continues to enable passengers to access different services at different times and pay in different ways.”pi

Etihad, Cathay Pacific, Aer Lingus, EuroWings, SAS and Air Serbia are among the airlines which have already started to install this new 3G mobile technology.


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