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New Terminal for Singapore’s Second Airport

Singapore’s second civilian airport, Seletar Airport, will get a new terminal building with enhanced facilities for scheduled service and private jet passengers.

Plans for the new terminal facilities were unveiled during the groundbreaking ceremony for the airport’s new terminal building. The larger terminal is scheduled for completion by the end of 2018.

Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport, was present to observe the event.

Seletar Airport is managed by Changi Airport Group and 24/7. It caters to international aircraft charters, private flights, medical evacuation, and freighter operations. The airport also hosts facilities for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhauls.

The construction of the new terminal is the next stage in an ongoing renewal of the airport which began in 2008 and has already achieved key milestones including a lengthening of its runway, the construction of a new control tower and fire station, a doubling of the number of parking stands, additional taxiways and upgraded aircraft parking aprons.

The new terminal is situated at the eastern side of Seletar Airport. It will be a two-story building with a gross floor area of 9,500 square metres, of which 500 square metres will be dedicated to business aviation passengers.

It is a significant enlargement of existing facilities and is designed to serve around 700,000 passenger movements per year.

The current building handled about 26,700 passenger movements in 2015. The expansion of the Seletar Airport terminal will support a relocation of scheduled turboprop flights from Changi International Airport to Seletar Airport.

Simple Design, Inspired by Nature

The design of the new terminal is minimalistic, clean and functional with a focus on making the travel experience simple and efficient for all passengers. This simplicity is enhanced by including elements from its lush surroundings. Decor of the façade and interiors will include tropical blends of warm woody tones with a theme of nature. There will also be landscaped oasis garden in the centre of the terminal, accessible from the drop-off area at the entrance which is open both to departing passengers and those seeing them off.

Passenger operations will be located on the ground floor of the facility, with a clear separation between the departure and arrival areas. To support scheduled airline service, the departure area will have four check-in counters, four immigration counters, two security screening stations and a gate holdroom which can seat close to 200 passengers.

“Departing passengers will be able to go through check-in, immigration and security screening in a fuss-free manner via a straightforward route, enabling a quick and stress-free boarding process for passengers. The departure area also features a café where passengers and well-wishers can get a quick bite,” the Changi Airport Group states in its announcement.

“We have made good progress with the redevelopment of Seletar Airport in recent years. Today’s groundbreaking for the new terminal is another milestone in our plans for the airport. We look forward to providing passengers with a new level of experience, in terms of comfort and convenience, when the terminal opens,” says Mr See Seng Wan, General Manager of Seletar Airport.

For business jet and private jet passengers, there will be a private drop-off area and a dedicated check-in area which will offer quick pre-departure clearance in a private and exclusive setting. There will also be a dedicated lounge area and separate immigration and security screening areas for these passengers.

Airside Upgrade

The airport’s airside is designed to for passengers to board their flights conveniently, and includes three aircraft parking stands adjacent to the terminal.

“This reduces the need for passengers to be bussed, enabling greater operational efficiency and faster aircraft turnaround time,” Changi Airport Group explains.

Another 60 aircraft parking stands will be located at the rest of the airport’s area.

“The expansion of Seletar Airport will accommodate the growth of our air traffic and optimise operational resources. The new passenger terminal building will also complement operations at Changi Airport and allow for more capacity,” says Mr Daniel Ng, Director (Aviation Industry), CAAS.

Construction of the new terminal has been awarded to Takenaka Corporation, following a competitive tender process. The company has been involved in various construction and upgrading works at Changi Airport, including the on-going development of Terminal 4. Changi Airport Group reports the value of the contract to upgrade Seletar Airport is around S$50 million.


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