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Also, In the Skies: 26 Hot Aviation Happenings in Week 42

(The 10 week countdown to 2017 has started. Eeeeek!)

Hot happenings in the skies this week include new outfits, fewer profits, and sweet torture.

This weekly post is my ‘round tuit’. Included are stories which caught my eye and others which I couldn’t cover in-depth during the week, but thought Flight Chic readers would want to know about.

1. Delta debuts attractive new uniforms.

2. Airbus Group Silicon Valley project gets to work on personal flying vehicles. (They look nothing like Luc Besson’s air taxis, BTW)

3. Airlines have a whole lot ($3 billion) to gain from RFID baggage tracking.

4. The CORSIA controversy, and should we stop flying?

5. Alaska Airlines Virgin America merger gets (more) complicated.

6. Helsinki: gets a nice wide-body jet bridge.

7. London City Airport evacuated. Reports that noxious chemicals made some passengers sick.

8. Great infographic on advancements in air navigation from SITA.

9. Malaysia Airlines has big plans for its A380s.

10. The sliding Economy class seat gets one (major) step closer to reality.

11. Samsung really wants its Note 7s back.

12. JetBlue urges DOT to approve NAI’s bid, in effort to shore up its own transatlantic ambitions.

13. The USDOT wants to protect passenger rights with new rules. Airlines haven’t taken this well.

14. A peek at CPH Terminal 3 expansion plans.

15. IATA WPS: What do passengers really want?

16. Rembering the lost olive. (Passengers may have wanted the olive. We’ll never know.)

17. Aviation’s suppliers continue to be an Achilles’ heel for cyber-attacks. It makes me so angry this is still unresolved. One day, I’ll tell you the whole story.

18. Ryanair blames drop in pound for weaker profits.

19. American has other reasons.

20. Despite profits, Lufthansa’s not feeling sunny.

21. Emirates continues to enjoy Greece.


22. Sabre’s customers run into systems trouble.

23. Schiphol v Heathrow is possibly the sweetest trolling ever.

24. ‘Cause he’s a true-blue friend who he needs a good job.

25. In my case it’s Singapore. (Headed off to AIX Asia/APEX EXPO/FTE.)

26. Don’t miss this Rudy Maxa broadcast!

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