Expect good things is the big news coming out of the morning sessions of the Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) EXPO in Singapore.

Presentations focused on finding a balance between airline profitability and passenger satisfaction.

Perhaps the most inspiring presentation in this regard came from Finnair’s CEO Pekka Vauramo, who emphasised that moving beyond cost-cutting measures and building a strong and clearly defined brand had helped the airline meet its targets as it grows in Asia.

Airbus’ VP Cabin Marketing, Ingo Wuggetzer, also shone a bright light on the product and experiential elements which will drive the air travel experience in the near term future.

No APEX meeting would be complete without an in-depth look at technology’s role in driving change.

While we expect many focused sessions today which will look at various elements of building a strong digital infrastructure, Google’s Partner Development Manager, Max Coppin, gave us a down-to-earth view on digital transformation.

There was no mention of Google Glass, but we did see the new Google Viewer on display–which offers unique possibilities for in-flight entertainment.

And of course, we heard again about Google’s plans to integrate the digital journey, which includes looking at things like Google maps onboard. How realistic that might be, when their maps system relies on a connection is to be determined.

Here are some of my favourite take-aways from other of the morning’s sessions:


IBM’s Head of Design for travel and transportation has now inspired major note taking goals.

(Gotta up my game because my notes do not even come close.)

APEX’s charity partner is doing amazing and vital work. If you can, please support them.

Written by

Marisa Garcia

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