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New PXCom Guides Help Destinations Highlight Environmental Sustainability During Year of Sustainable Tourism

Onboard Entertainment Solutions provider PXCom, France, has introduced special destination guides which tie into 2017 as the UNWTO Year of Sustainable Tourism.

“On our interactive tourist guides, that can be found on the inflight entertainment systems of our partner airlines, we are going to promote tourist offices and structures that engage in sustainable tourism and make passengers, who will be finalising the details of their holiday during the flight, aware of the possibility of choosing eco-friendly activities, services and products,” says Cyril JEAN CEO of PXCom. “This action has been relayed directly to the tourist offices of the 248 destinations that we operate, thanks to our supplier and partner, ArrivalGuides, the digital destination guides world-leader.”

PXCom believes airlines should educate their passengers on the various aspects of their social commitment including use of biofuels, actions for NGOs, social engagement on their IFE platforms.

“We have created a fun space for companies with complete interaction,” said Cyril JEAN. “Quizzes, games with social purpose..all solutions which are intended to enrich what the airline traditionally presents.”

Viewers can download PDFs with further information in-flight or forward information via email where an internet connection is available.

PXCom was in part inspired by findings, published during the World Travel Market in London at the end of last year, which reveal that British travellers value sustainable tourism and believe it is the responsibility of the travel industry to push for more of these initiatives at a local level.

  • 75% of Brits surveyed said that the environment and sustainability is an important consideration in their choice of holiday destination.
  • 59% of UK holidaymakers polled said it is the industry’s duty to make tourism sustainable versus 25% who believe that the Government should lead these initiatives.
  • 55% of travel industry respondents agreed that the trade has the greatest responsibility to climate change.
  • 70% of travel industry respondents said the industry has become more responsible over the past 10 years.

“British holidaymakers are aware of sustainability issues around their travel choices but there needs to be a renewed effort from the industry to change that awareness into action,” said World Travel Market London, Senior Director, Simon Press. “Our finding that holidaymakers think the industry should take the lead is a mandate for suppliers to become more forceful in their messaging and to make sure that sustainability is a seamless part of the travel experience.”

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