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Early Risers: Delta’s Latest Ad Is About You

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Delta has revealed a new ad “4 A.M” which celebrates hard-working early risers with a very appropriate theme-tune.

The spot is the first of a new Delta campaign narrated by Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe Winner, Viola Davis, who will be the voice of Delta for the next year.

“Viola Davis is an incredible talent and a natural fit for Delta and the “4 A.M.” spot that introduces her as the new voice of Delta,” said Tim Mapes, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “She is true to herself and, like many of our customers, wakes up every day with the grit, determination and will to go out into the world and conquer it.”

The new ad features the “Heigh-ho” tune sung by Snow White’s Seven Dwarves when heading out to the mines, and celebrates early bird Delta customers eager to embrace opportunities from the wee hours of the morning.

“They are ambitious and they cannot be stopped. Visit any Delta terminal around the globe and — no matter how early — each is graced with these should-be-sleepers, and the Delta employees who support them, as they head out to change the world,” the airline states in its announcement.

“While each customer journey may be different, they all share the in the same relentlessness mindset to be the difference that creates change. Delta’s frontline employees are also featured within the ad showing that same relentless spirit and thoughtful reliability in assisting customers in their pursuit,” Delta writes.

The new ad follows the inspirational theme of the airline’s previous Keep Climbing campaign, Narrated by Donald Sutherland, which encouraged Delta customers to stretch their horizons and test their limits.

The new “4 a.m.” ad was shot in New York, Shanghai, Mexico City and Los Angeles and will begin airing on Feb. 6.

Delta Air Lines Keep Climbing

2023 Update

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, Delta Air Lines encouraged travelers to return to the skies and reopen their horizons with its Keep Climbing spirit.

“The Steepest Climb: How Delta Air Lines Navigated the Global Pandemic, a captivating feature-length cinematic documentary that delves into Delta’s remarkable journey during the worst crisis in its airline history. Prepare to be inspired as this extraordinary film reveals how Delta’s 90,000-strong team overcame unprecedented challenges and emerged as a better airline, stronger than ever.

This compelling film follows the stories of Delta’s dedicated individuals, past and present, who have faced and conquered previous challenges to air travel, such as the 9/11 terror attacks and the global financial meltdown of 2008. Despite the absence of a playbook or a clear ending, the Delta team demonstrated unwavering perseverance.

Delta’s groundbreaking documentary, “The Steepest Climb,” made its debut on Feb. 14 as part of the annual profit-sharing celebrations where the film was shared with Delta employees worldwide whose life and dedication to flying inspired the documentary.

“There’s no team quite like Delta. Their resilience stories deserve recognition, celebration, and remembrance for generations to come,” expressed Tim Mapes, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer. “Creating this film was a unique and unconventional approach to ensure that the world, including future generations within the airline, comprehends the adversities they’ve overcome, the power of their resilience, and their incredible strength in the face of hardship.”

Catch a sneak peek of this remarkable piece of history by watching the trailer above or visiting Get ready to be captivated by this special cinematic experience.

10 Years and Climbing Series

Another inspirational campaign by Delta Air Lines, building community ties.

In the first episode of 10 Years and Climbing, Carli travels to New York and New Jersey to pay a visit to her former team, NJ/NY Gotham FC. Now a minority owner of the team, Carli talks to current Gotham FC player Ali Krieger about the importance of having former players in front-office roles in the NWSL and GM Yael Averbuch-West about the club’s strategy to grow interest in the NWSL among local youth players.

The past year and the year before that and the year before that have been a steep climb indeed, but airlines keep taking off and landing safely despite turbulence. That’s the whole point of the Keep Climbing spirit.

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