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Air Canada Reveals New Uniforms Fully Tested by Staff Over One Year Period

As part of its 80th anniversary campaign, Air Canada has revealed new uniforms tested and improved by employees.

The new uniforms combine an international flair with a contemporary and timeless style, which complements the new Air Canada livery.

To ensure staff comfort, ease of maintenance, durability, safety and functionality, 250 employees from all operational branches at Air Canada conducted two waves of wear testing of the new uniforms in 2015 and 2016.

Employees proposed improvements which were incorporated into the final uniforms including a lighter and wrinkle free women’s shirt, and replacing airport agents’ handbags with messenger bags which accommodate all their work tools, such as walkie-talkies.

Air Canada’s new uniforms were created by Canadian fashion designer, Christopher Bates.

“I take classic style and modernise it by focusing on the fabric, colour, and texture but also more specific features like kissing buttons on jacket sleeves, unique stitching and seaming,” says designer Christopher Bates. “As brand ambassadors who travel around the world it is important that Air Canada employees feel stylish, confident and comfortable in their uniforms as they take care of millions of customers every year.”

Christopher Bates was selected as the designer for the airline’s new uniforms following a competition among many of Canada’s leading designers.

“Bates began his namesake line in Canada, specialising in innovative premiere menswear. After moving his production to Milan, Italy in 2014, he has since expanded into men’s footwear and accessories, with exclusive collections for Harry Rosen and Browns across Canada,” the airline writes.

The Canadian designer was tasked with creating a new look for Air Canada employees which reflects Canadian style and balances a compelling visual aesthetic with comfort, functionality and durability.


Pilot uniforms embrace the classic style of traditional aviation. The look is anchored by a formal double-breasted blazer that features peak lapels, a modern 2×2 button stance, and tasteful antique gold trim.

Flight attendants and airport agents:

Made with 100% long-lasting wool materials and fine silk, flight attendant apparel and airport agent suits are sophisticated charcoal grey with tasteful accents in Canadian red including the famous Air Canada Rondelle. A crisp white shirt will be accessorised with vibrant ties and scarves.

The colour-palette, fabrics, and details are consistent piece to piece and uniform to uniform. This is particularly important for flight attendants who will appreciate the ability to layer and mix and match pieces comfortably and confidently.

The outerwear is climate appropriate for a Canadian winter from coast to coast. The coat is water resistant and features a removable quilted liner and removable hood. The outerwear has been designed to be worn both on and off-duty so employees can travel light.


Air Canada’s world-renowned concierges’ uniforms will consist of exclusive styled suits made of black wool with a twill weave with Canadian red accents, white shirts and black coats.

Ground workers including station attendants, cargo agents, baggage handlers:

Made with durable, comfortable fabrics the workwear uniforms ensure that, even in the toughest of environments employees are comfortable yet stylish. Innovative elements such as the polo (golf shirt) the webbed belt and the bonded jacket will ensure Air Canada workwear employees are the best dressed in the industry. All the tops in the new collection prominently display the Air Canada Rondelle.

Exclusive product details, including embedded reflective elements and pull away hoods, in the new workwear uniform also reflect the importance Air Canada places on safety.

Air Canada’s 7,100 flight attendants, 3,900 airport employees including concierges, 3,400 pilots, 1,100 aircraft technicians and 5,000 ground workers such as station attendants, cargo agents, baggage handlers, will start wearing the new uniforms by the end of the year.

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