Hey North America! There is a new boss in town…and she. looks. sharp!

With the reveal of a new brand and new campaign marking its 80th anniversary, Air Canada has revealed an unapologetic declaration of pride and independence for the Canadian people and for a kinder, gentler, more inclusive world.

I’m personally blown away by the imagery and poetry of this new campaign, so I’ll just let Canada’s national airline take it from here:

“Ours is a land of great contrasts. This makes a nation of pioneering people duty-bound, humble, yet proud of this place and its vastness. Proud too of their ability to reach the far expanses of not just his land, but the globe..sharing Canada with the world..uniting people. We’ve made history. Participated. Responded. Understood what’s important at the right moment in time. For eight decades Air Canada has proudly made its mark—flying our nation’s flag—putting the Maple Leaf on tarmacs around the world. A beacon for Canadians, a symbol of home, that makes a person or two smile. The Maple Leaf represents a promise to you, to our country, to the world. Always evolving to put the best of us forward. Today’s Air Canada represents the trails we’ve blazed and the promise of new courses charted designed to symbolise both going global, but also coming home, a nod to the bold contrasts between Canada’s eastern shores and western peaks to our earliest flights and our next departure, a new flyer’s wonder and a seasoned traveler’s ritual the embodiment of care and class. To champion a brand—and a nation that are ready to make their mark on the world..to fly the flag.”

Mic. Dropped.

Encore en Français

Bien Dit!

O Canada! Our true North strong and free!

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