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Also, In the Skies 28 Hot Aviation Happenings in Week 7

This weekly post is my ‘round tuit’. Included are stories which caught my eye and others which I couldn’t cover in-depth during the week, but thought Flight Chic readers would want to know about.

Meals are back! And other blue skies news.

1. Waddaya know. There is such a thing as a free lunch.

2. NAI’s transatlantic flights from Cork to New York are expected to launch next year.

3. AirAsia X heads for Honolulu.

4. Qantas brings Netflix, Spotify and Foxtel onboard.

5. Europe’s Airports break records.

6. Yes. The 747 is a lovely plane. The new 787-10 is nice too.

7. On China’s growing influence in aviation.

8. Boeing gets another big 787 order from China.

9. How airports can smooth out the wrinkles of disruptions.

10. Advancements in airport security.


11. Hamburg’s ZAL Centre for innovation collaborates with NASA on the future of flight.

12. Smart airlines don’t treat passengers like anonymous cargo.

13. Treating customers well is a profitable enterprise.

14. Airlines get smart about Big Data.

15. A nice piece about pearsonlloyd’s work on Lufthansa’s new A350 interiors.

16. Lufthansa makes nice with pilots.


17. Keeping an eye out for cyber crimes.

18. Poland is a growing market, Ryanair finds.

19. Inmarsat onboard Air New Zealand.

20. Interesting insights on wireless interference in the cabin.

21. Finnair plans for growth.

22. Delta debuts new app with way finding features.

23. United’s new Polaris cabin makes its official debut.

24. Widerøe becomes launch customer for new Embraer E190.

25. Lufthansa uses Virtual Reality to promote premium economy.

26. I’d have to agree.

27. Monarch rewards good deeds.

28. Mexico is a great destination.

Have a great week eight!

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