Airlines affected by the electronics ban are not sitting idle. They have come up with clever ways to reassure passengers that they can still enjoy their flight, with or without laptops.

Royal Jordanian is having a bit of fun with the electronics ban, reminding travelers that there are many good things about flying which require no electronic devices. It offers helpful hints of other ways to pass the time.

Entertainment and Service

Emirates immediately highlighted its superb ICE in-flight entertainment offerings.

It has followed that up with an at-the-gate laptop carriage service which allows passengers to work during the wait at the airport and terminal, and right up to boarding time.

I’d be comfortable using the service. The airline has plenty of experience with the care of precious cargo, after all.

Some travel bloggers are prepared to handle whatever the electronics ban sends their way. Who needs laptops, anyway?

In fact, as Economy and Beyond reports, most of Emirates’ passengers use smartphones onboard, which are approved for use in the cabin.

Of course, some passengers may be using their laptops to work off-line and those statistics don’t show up. But at least those who might have mission-critical communications can use the high-speed Wi-Fi onboard, and most of those individuals would have used their smartphones to communicate even before the ban.

Make Flying Great Again

Etihad had its own pretty brilliant take on the ban with this Make Flying Great Again video. Really, you might not have time for that laptop.

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