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Hop On Board! Ryanair’s Having an Easter Sale!

I don’t usually do fares promotions posts, but I couldn’t miss out on the chance to write a story featuring Ryanair’s Head of Communications, Robin Kiely, in a bunny suit.

Easter Ryanair_1

Ryanair’s having a surprise Easter fare sale, and they’ll probably only last a minute. In fact, they may already have hopped off somewhere.

The airline is offering seats on over 900 routes on sale from just 73 kr across its European network.

For some perspective, here’s a list of things I can buy in Denmark for 73 kr:

  1. A McDonald’s Combo Meal
  2. An ‘OK’ bottle of wine.
  3. 1 K of cheese to go with the wine (nothing fancy or French in either case)
  4. 36 Eggs. So, just about enough to paint for Easter and hide in the farm so that Robin and pals can go searching for them.
  5. Maybe fancy bread, or even a small Easter cake.
  6. A 2 km ride by taxi. So just far enough to buy the wine and cheese and eggs and fancy bread and small cake, though the return home is extra. I’d never make it to McDonald’s and back.

This to say that the fares war in Europe is no joke.

Ryanair expects to fly a lot of people this Easter with the most popular destinations being Barcelona, Faro, Krakow and Rome. There visitors can find plenty of good food—reasonably priced—and even McDonald’s restaurants. There’s also plenty of sun and beaches. (I must say the weather in Denmark has been nice, and I live a Ryanair deep discount fare taxi-ride away from the beach of our fjord. Getting back home is extra and you do not want to know the cost of petrol to drive to all these places and back!)

Ryanair’s Easter fares are valid for travel in April and May, but must be booked before midnight Tuesday (18 Apr) and can only be found on the website.  

Here’s what Ryanair’s Robin Kiely had to say for himself:

“Ryanair customers are hopping off across Europe for the Easter break and it’s not too late to book a low fare getaway with our Easter specials.”

“Since these amazing low fares will be snapped up quickly, customers should get cracking, log onto and be a clever bunny this Easter.”

 This explains the suit. Robin’s a good sport. 

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