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Danes Went Far for Easter, Copenhagen Airport Reports

Danes went far abroad for their holidays this Easter, Copenhagen Airport states in its report of April traffic figures.

The airport, which has been enjoying a rapid pace of growth, reported another record month in April with 2.4 million passengers served. That is 5.6% more than the same month last year.

Over Easter, many Danes opted for long-haul travel, with intercontinental traffic increasing by 17.1%. In total, 263,696 passengers flew out of and into Copenhagen in April on one of the 36 direct intercontinental routes.

“The growth of 17.1% in long-haul intercontinental trips indicates, among other things, that more Danes are choosing to travel long haul even during slightly shorter holidays like Easter. Much of the growth is being generated by newer routes such as SAS’s routes to Miami and Boston and Norwegian’s seasonal route to Oakland near San Francisco,” says Copenhagen Airport’s CEO, Thomas Woldbye. “The long-haul routes are strengthening Copenhagen Airport’s position as a hub for air traffic in Northern Europe.”

While Easter is a season for holidays, it is also a low season for domestic commuters and business travellers. The number of domestic travellers in April fell accordingly by 13.6%. So far this year, 525,973 passengers have flown domestically.

Overall, growth at Copenhagen Airport continues at a steady pace, which justifies the current expansion programs underway at the airport, as well as the future construction projects which the airport has announced.

The number of passengers at Copenhagen Airport has grown by 3.2% year to date.

Copenhagen Airport April traffic numbers:

CPH Traffic April 2017

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