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Delta Apologises for Erroneous Laptop Ban Placard

Delta Air Lines has apologised for the erroneous posting of a  placard which suggested that the laptop ban might extend to all international flights into the US with immediate effect.

The image taken by a traveller at CVG and originally posted by FlyerTalk member SFO 1K was shared on social media by aviation journalist Bernie Leighton. It is alleged to have been taken by a passenger at CVG (Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport).

The message from Delta on the card suggested that ALL international flights bound for the US would be affected by the ban effective today, May 12.

Flight Chic has followed up with Delta and IATA to verify authenticity and CAN CONFIRM the sign was posted in error and does NOT reflect an immediate change in DHS policy on the carriage of electronic devices in the aircraft cabin. 

The various updates as the story developed follow: 

UPDATE: Delta Social Media Team

Delta’s social media team has replied to my initial Tweet asking for clarification on this matter. However, the reply does not explain the information shown in the picture. I am awaiting further information from Delta communications and also from IATA.

UPDATE: IATA Spokesperson

19:57 CET An IATA spokesperson replies as follows:

“I can’t speak to the veracity of the image. But DHS has made no such announcement that I am aware of.”

UPDATE: Delta Spokesperson

Given the detail of today’s date on the placard, which Delta says was posted in error, I have asked what information led Delta to produce and distribute it to stations.

UPDATE: Delta Spokesperson

A Delta spokesperson has contacted me directly confirming the sign is inaccurate. While unable to go into greater detail, the spokesperson said Delta apologises for this error and any confusion it may have caused passengers.

The spokesperson added that Delta would always update passengers of any changes to policy which may impact their flights; as the airline would in any circumstances, not limited to the electronics ban.

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