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PAS17: More Airspace as Airbus Brings Holistic Design to A320

Airbus reveals that the A320 will be the latest aircraft model to include holistic Airspace cabin design.

The announcement follows the successful 2016 introduction of the A330neo and A350 Airspace by Airbus experience. The DNA of this branded cabin is based on a consistent range of product elements which offer tangible benefits to passengers and differentiation opportunities for airlines.

The A320 will not only share common cockpit ergonomics with the wide-bodies but will also have a common cabin design language and the latest technology.

Some of the enhanced elements of the new A320 Airspace by Airbus interior include:

• Iconic Ceiling Lighting. With fully customised variable on-board lighting that begins at the aircraft entrance and carries throughout the cabin.

• Coloured LED Mood Lighting leverages 16.4 million colour options allowing airlines to get creative by programming a personalised branded in-flight light show at 30,000 feet.

• The Largest Overhead Storage Compartment (OHSC) in its Class. Called the “Airspace Bin”, it allows room for eight (instead of five bags) per four-frame bin. It also accommodates bigger and heavier bags stowed vertically.

• New Sidewall Panels with Increased Cabin Width offer passengers one more inch at shoulder level, for added personal space.

• New Window Bezel. The new fully-integrated window shades offer more window space and unobstructed view, evoking the open feeling of the A350.

• New spacious lavatory design also features coloured mood lighting, along with anti-bacterial coatings, automatic aroma dispenser, sound and optional touchless options.

• Harmonized Door Surround. The new lines of the door frames match the Airspace design of the A350 XWB and the A330neo.

Popular with passengers and design professionals

“The A350 XWB cabin has proven extremely popular, with great feedback not only from passengers but from design professionals,” commented Dr Kiran Rao, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, Airbus Commercial Aircraft. “This was great validation that gave us the confidence to apply the design language to the A330neo and now to the A320 Family.”

Airlines also expressed great interest in the new A320 Airspace’s increased overhead storage when the design was revealed to customers at AIX Expo in April.

“The A320 offers airlines 40 percent more volume for their passengers’ bags, accommodating larger carry-on bag dimensions than competing single-aisle airliners,” said Ingo Wuggetzer, Vice President, Cabin Marketing. “More overhead space means quicker boarding times, a value-add for passenger, and a better overall experience.”

Additional features, such as the less obtrusive cabin sidewall panels and lavatory options (‘Smart-Lav’ and ‘Space-Flex’), maintain a consistent design to the popular Airspace wide-body series.

The Airspace cabin also offers passengers a greater range of entertainment and productivity options including a modular IFE platform with overhead video and in-seat audio/video-on-demand (AVOD), as well as the provision for in-seat power, wireless flexible connectivity and mobile telephony (GSM on board).

The full Airspace Interior package is targeted for 2020 and will be available as a retrofit to the current aircraft.


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