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PAS17: Boeing Celebrates Big First Day in Paris

Boeing celebrates a successful first day at the Paris Air Show with a dedicated video summary.

In all, Boeing made 288 total orders & announcements from 12 customers. The aircraft manufacturer showed off its new 737 MAX 10 aircraft which enjoyed a warm reception from customers earning a total of 240 orders.

Here are the highlights of Boeing’s Paris Air Show Day One:

Boeing, Lion Air Group Announce Commitment for 50 737 MAX 10s

This 737 MAX 9 launch customer joins the 737 MAX 10 launch group.

Boeing, Tibet Financial Leasing Announce Commitment for 20 737 MAX Airplanes

The lessor chooses Boeing to launch aviation leasing business, joins 737 MAX 10 launch customer group.

Boeing, TUI Group Announce Selection of 18 737 MAX 10s

TUI Group is the first European operator to select the 737 MAX 10. The 737 MAX 10 is largest member of 737 family. Boeing touts the aircraft as “the most profitable single-aisle airplane”, noting its “substantial fuel efficiency” and latest technology.

Boeing, UPS Announce Agreement for 767 Passenger to Freighter Conversions

UPS and Boeing have collaborated on airlift since 1981 when UPS purchased its first 727s to begin its Next Day Air operation, and the transportation giant was Boeing’s launch customer for the 767 freighter in 1995.

Boeing, SpiceJet Announce Commitment for 40 737 MAX aeroplanes

SpiceJet joins the 737 MAX 10 launch customer group. The agreement includes 20 new 737 MAX 10s, 20 conversions to 737 MAX 10s from airline’s existing 737 MAX 8 order book.

Boeing, CDB Aviation Lease Finance Sign Commitment for 737 MAX, 787 Dreamliners

The lessor joins 737 MAX 10 launch customer group. This commitment is valued at $7.4 billion at list prices.

Boeing, BOC Aviation Sign Memorandum of Understanding for 10 737 MAX 10s

The MOU is valued at approximately $1.25 billion.

Boeing, GECAS Announce Order for 20 737 MAX 10s

The order consists of converting 20 of the lessors current 170 MAX orders to the larger MAX 10. GECAS also placed an order for 100 A320/A321 neo aircraft.

Boeing, AerCap Announce Order for 30 787-9 Dreamliners

The agreement, valued at $8.1 billion at list prices, makes lessor AerCap the largest customer for the 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing, ALAFCO Announce Commitment for 20 737 MAX 8s

The lessor already has unfilled orders for 20 737 MAX aeroplanes and was also one of the first Middle East customers for the 787 Dreamliner.

Boeing, Norwegian Announce Flight Training Agreement and Order for Two 737 MAX 8s

Norwegian now has 110 unfilled orders for 737 MAX 8s valued at $225 million (at current list prices).

Boeing, Monarch Announce 737 MAX Services Agreements and New Engineering Joint Venture Partnership

The UK carrier will also grow its 737 MAX 8 fleet from 30 to 45 aeroplanes.

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