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Norwegian Hopes to Make Travelling with Children Easier

With summer holiday season underway, Norwegian hopes to ease the journey by sharing top-tips for family travel from its in-house travel expert staff.

Liliana Chantre, Senior Cabin Crew: “Bring noise cancelling headphones for new-born babies and toddlers – it helps them to feel calm and relaxed as well as helping with the pressure change”

Robert Kennedy, Cabin Crew: “Pack lots of time consuming snacks for them to eat which will keep them occupied for as long as possible! I always bring dry alphabet cereal or cheerios”

Joost Smits, Pilot: “Write a contact phone number on their arm in case they wander off”

Meriel Taylor, Ground Instructor: “Invest in an inflatable booster seat that meets Norwegian’s regulations for child safety restraint systems – you can use it on the aircraft and in a hire car at your destinations. It looks no different when blown up to the real thing, apart from the fact you can deflate it and pop it in your handbag… fantastic!”

Lee Allen, Cabin Crew: “I always pack lavender balm. Just put a touch on the kid’s temple to keep them calm. On a night flight, the soothing smell helps induced sleep”

Andrew Huddleston, Relief Captain: “Take a compact backpack as hand luggage that enables you to store it under the seat in front – then you don’t need to keep getting out of your seat to retrieve your items”

Anders Halvgaard, First Officer: “I always give my kids something to suck or chew on during take-off and landing. The distraction, as well as the chewing, can help prevent any problems with pain due to pressure changes. For small babies, a bottle helps a lot”

Christine Bergles, Chief Ground Instructor: “Don’t forget to bring some over the ear headphones – perfect for kid’s watching a movie or playing games on their tablet and it means they won’t pull them out or block their ears”

Sira Llorente, Senior Cabin Crew: “When travelling with my daughter I always pack her favourite things especially food, including a few treats and her favourite toys to make sure she is entertained the whole flight”

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