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Flying Green: KLM Turns to Honeywell Tech to Curb Fuel Spending

KLM plans to its annual fuel costs by 5 percent for its airline and cargo operations with Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency Software.

The airline will install the Paris Agreement-compliant Honeywell software across all divisions to reduce fuel use and cut its carbon footprint.

The installation follows positive results from KLM subsidiary KLM Cityhopper ROLLE, Switzerland.

Honeywell will provide KLM Connected Aircraft fuel-management services across its fleet of 115 commercial aircraft and four Martinair cargo aircraft. The new GoDirect Fuel Efficiency Software uses data analysis, reporting and monitoring tools to provide fuel-saving recommendations that airlines can deploy immediately.

“We are committed to providing a better experience for our customers while balancing the business need to meet tight financial margins,” said Captain Hans Tettero, director Tactical Analysis Flight Operations, KLM. “Fuel consumption accounts for between 20 to 40 percent of an airline’s operating costs, and Honeywell’s technology lets us analyze data at every phase of the flight to discover opportunities for reduced fuel consumption and overall improvement in operational efficiency.”

Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software fully complies with recent changes to the Paris Agreement on reducing greenhouse gases. Capable of analyzing data from more than 100 reports, the software is easily integrated with existing airline systems through a user-friendly interface. By monitoring current fuel usage and identifying opportunities for savings, it significantly reduces overall operational costs and the carbon footprint for airline operators.

Users of the software have reported annual fuel savings of up to 5 percent, which, across the 30 airlines that have deployed fuel efficiency technology, would add up to nearly 200 million kilograms of fuel saved.

“It is crucial for any airline to have transparency on the fuel consumption to be able to implement initiatives to achieve as low as possible fuel consumption. Honeywell’s GoDirect Fuel Efficiency software provides sophisticated reports and dashboards that are clearly understandable,” said André de Chauvigny de Blot, manager Flight Technical Support, Martinair. “The option to show pilots dashboards will greatly enhance their fuel awareness and helps our pilots save fuel and ensure more on-time arrivals.”

“Our Fuel Efficiency software is a simple software upgrade. Not only is it easy to install, but it will be essential for airlines to meet Europe’s pledge to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent by 2030,” said David Shilliday, vice president, Airlines, EMEAI, Honeywell Aerospace. “Our technology helps regulate fuel usage and lower emissions worldwide today while also improving operational efficiency through a set of flexible tools and online reports, making Honeywell experts in the industry to help airlines.”

Honeywell and KLM have a longstanding relationship; KLM’s subsidiary, KLM Cityhopper, signed up for GoDirect Fuel Efficiency more than three years ago. It is one of the many airlines, including Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, Jet Airways and Turkish Airlines, benefitting from GoDirect Fuel Efficiency.

Source: PR Newswire Association LLC.

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