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Gogo Amps Up Performance with NextGen In-Flight Wi-Fi Modem

Gogo has introduced its next generation modem into commercial airline service, which delivers more than 16x the throughput Gogo’s existing modem.

The company expects the new modem will have more than sufficient throughput to support the next generation of high-throughput satellites as they come online. The new modem includes dual channels to simultaneously support internet traffic and broadcast IPTV. It also features faster and more sophisticated processing that enables much shorter hand-offs from one satellite to the next.

“We are always looking at new innovations in each component of our connectivity solutions,” said Anand Chari, chief technology officer. “This new modem greatly improves the performance of our industry leading 2Ku solution, as well as our Ku solution, and is forward compatible with new HTS satellite constellations. This modem helps us future proof our in-flight connectivity solutions.”

The new modem will be retrofitted on more than 450 aircraft on which Gogo’s 2Ku or Ku systems are installed through an easy plug and play installation process. The 2Ku system which will be installed on Gogo’s backlog of more than 1400 aircraft will include the new modem.

Gogo explains how the next gen modem will boost the performance of in-flight Wi-Fi on its blog.


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