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Delta Brings Asian Chef All-Stars On-Board for Traditional, Local Fare

Delta Airlines continues its investment in the Asia-Pacific market by introducing regionally sourced cuisine on flights from Asia.

Beginning on March 1, Delta travellers on select flights departing from Asia will be treated to traditional dishes including oven-backed sesame dumplings, kuro-buta pork and Bibimbap along with other regionally sourced dishes.

The regionally inspired meals were designed by Delta’s new, exclusive culinary consultants and chefs Jereme Leung and Norio Ueno and will feature dishes from their respective Chinese and Japanese food traditions. Delta will also partner with Korean chef Woo-Joong Kwon who will create unique versions of traditional Korean dishes.

“Dining, no matter where you are, should be an experience that is enjoyed and remembered,” said Allison Ausband, Senior Vice President — In-Flight Service. “Making sure the experience is as authentic to local culture as it is delicious is at the core of how we develop our in-flight menus, and why we wanted to partner with chefs Jereme Leung, Norio Ueno and Woo-Joong Kwon who are so well respected in their home countries.”

Chef Jereme Leung

Chef Leung, best known for deliciously blending modern Chinese cuisines with classical Chinese provincial food, has developed menus featuring highlights such as Shanghai style steamed sole fish, oven-baked sesame dumplings with preserve mustard, dim sum and shaanxi biang biang noodles, for service out of Chinese markets.

“I am looking forward to bringing some of my signature dishes and dining experience from our restaurants around the globe to our distinguished guests on Delta flights,” Leung said. “Working with the Delta team to create their new Chinese cuisine offerings inspired by China’s seasonality and many wonderful food options has been an amazing experience — I hope our guests enjoy these menus as much as I enjoyed designing them.”

Chef Leung’s menus will be available on Delta flights departing Beijing and Shanghai in Delta One, Delta Premium Select and Main Cabin.

Chef Norio Ueno

Chef Ueno’s detailed and respected approach to prepare dishes will inspire favourites like marinated rockfish and saimaki shrimp with special egg yolk vinegar, and kuro-buta pork served with steamed rice, Japanese pickles and miso soup on flights from Japan to the U.S.

“Considering the different environment and challenges in the air versus on the ground, we had to think a little differently to design the in-flight meals,” Ueno said. “Though it was a challenge to recreate our delicate dishes, we managed to achieve a high-quality menu without compromising authentic Japanese food, and are very much looking forward to offering of menu onboard to Delta customers.”  

Chef Ueno’s menus will be served on all flights departing Japan for the U.S. in Delta One and Delta Premium Select, expanding to Main Cabin this summer.

Chef Woo-Joong Kwon

Customers departing Korea for the U.S. will feel indulged knowing their menu has been directed by Kwon — a chef raised in a family of chefs whose Korean restaurant has earned two coveted Michelin stars. His dedication to bringing the authentic flavors of Korea using rare and precious seasonal ingredients with a contemporary twist will be highlighted in his dishes.

“I am very excited about my in-flight collaboration with global premier airline Delta Air Lines,” Kwon said. “I am looking forward to working with the Delta team to design inspirational and sumptuous Korean dishes using my original recipes and various seasonal ingredients for Delta customers to experience on routes from Korea to the U.S.”

Chef Kwon’s influence will be seen on flights out of Seoul to the U.S. in the Delta One, Delta Premium Select and Main Cabin.

Delta will consult with all three chefs seasonally to refresh the offerings in each market.

Each chef will also be traveling to the U.S. annually to meet on an ongoing basis with Delta and the airline’s catering and restaurant partners to develop meal selections for flights departing the U.S. to their respective countries.

Delta has a history of working with working chefs to bring local, seasonal flavors to the tray table. The airline has partnered with talent like James Beard honoree Linton Hopkins, select chefs from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group, and most recently L.A.-based chef duo Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. The goal is always the same: translate fresh ideas about regionally authentic food into a surprisingly second-to-none dining experience in the sky. 

Upgrades Ongoing

This is the latest in the airline’s investments in the Asia-Pacific region where the airline reports it has experienced a steady increase in customer satisfaction as more Asia-based customers choose to fly Delta.

Some of the investments include expanding its Asia-Pacific network, and developing strong partnerships with important Asian carriers like China Eastern, China Southern and Korean Air.

Delta’s has also put its first Airbus A350s in service to Asian markets. The new plane features the Delta One suite and Delta Premium Select cabin. Delta also offers upgraded complimentary economy cabin amenities like blankets, slippers and branded ice cream like Mangnum Bar, Ben & Jerry and Haagen Dazs.

The airline has been expanding fresh meal entrée offerings reflective of the local culture, and launched Alessi serviceware for Delta to compliment its new brand image.

Seatback IFE systems feature free entertainmentfree mobile messaging, access to Wi-Fi on nearly all flights, noise-canceling LSTN headphones and more.  


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