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HondaJet Gets Boost from European Air Taxi Service

Honda Aircraft Company and Wijet have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for 16 HondaJets to upgrade the Wijet fleet. The contract is valued at $78 million catalogue price.

Honda Aircraft made the announcement during the Singapore Airshow being held at Changi Exhibition Centre, where the HondaJet is making its first-ever appearance.

Wijet is the first French air taxi company currently operating 15 business jets throughout Europe, and offers travel to about 1,200 airports throughout Europe and North Africa. Wijet says its mission is to provide their customers with the most modern and advanced aircraft with high performance, efficiency and reliability.

The MoU follows Honda Aircraft’s recent announcements of being the most-delivered jet in its category for the first half of 2017 and several speed records in its class. Wijet is expected to take delivery of the first aircraft in March 2108 with deliveries for the remaining jets staged over the next 18 months.

“I am delighted that Wijet has chosen the HondaJet to provide their customers with the exceptional experience of the most advanced light jet on the market,” said Honda Aircraft President and CEO Michimasa Fujino. “I am confident the HondaJet will meet and exceed their expectations with its quietest, most spacious and most comfortable cabin in its class combined with unrivaled speed, efficiency, and amenities like a fully-private lavatory and WiFi connectivity.”

“There is no comparison to the HondaJet, in its category,” said Patrick Hersent, CEO of Wijet. “For our customers we offer the best-of-the-best in terms of products and experience while providing our partners with a safe and superior product at an affordable rate. The HondaJet does all of these things.”

The operator touts passenger exprience benefits of the HondaJet including a “remarkably quiet and spacious cabin” which will seat five, offer a private lavatory and in-flight Wi-Fi.



The aircraft’s range and economics will help Wijet extend its services from Paris to include major cities in North Africa and Athens. Wijet is advertising new trip rates which will made possible by the new jet, with availability dates yet to be confirmed:

– Paris-Geneva day return from €5,040 or €1,008 per seat

– Paris-Ibiza day return from €10,640 or €2,128 per seat

– Paris-Marrakech day return from €14,350 or €2,870 per seat

The HondaJet is currently certified in Europe (European Aviation Safety Agency), the United States (Federal Aviation Administration), Mexico (Directorate General of Civil Aviation), Canada (Transport Canada) and Brazil (Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency).


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