The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching in the U.S. with 3.2 million outbound passengers expected to take to the skies on the 21st, according to OAG.

Source: OAG

Here are some key stats from OAG on what to expect at airlines and airports throughout the Thanksgiving weekend:

  • American Airlines and Southwest Airlines have made the most seats available over the weekend (over 2 million each).
  • Delta Air Lines, with just under two million seats available, has the best on-time performance of all U.S. carriers listed (84.5%).
  • The busiest route will be Los Angeles to San Francisco, with 46,388 seats in demand; Atlanta to Orlando comes in second with 37,301 seats in demand.
Source: OAG
  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport will be the busiest over the holiday weekend, with 600,251 seat capacity allocated; Los Angeles comes in a close second with 513,863 seats.
  • Fortunately, for those flying out of Atlanta, the airport also has the highest on-time performance (87.3%).
  • Dallas-Fort Worth offers the second-highest on-time performance (86.2%) and is expected to serve 379,622 passengers.
Source: OAG
  • Flying out early (or very late) will give you a better chance of getting home on time for the turkey.
  • The optimum time to fly out is between 2:00 am and 6:00 am, when there is only a 2.7% chance of delay.

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