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[Videos] CASA Puts Its Beans To Work On Aviation Safety’s Sticky Issues

Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has debuted four new cabin safety guides which address sticky problems of disruptive passenger behaviour. They feature CASA’s clever Beans, born out of one of the sweetest human factors trials ever conducted in aviation.

For those who are unfamiliar with the genesis of the CAPA Beans, during limited trials conducted in 2018 Cobham Aviation and CASA noted that passengers who took frequent charters began to comply with safety requirements to reducing overweight cabin baggage when they were rewarded by a small pack of jelly beans. In fact, the potential benefit of receiving sweets generated peer pressure, with passengers encouraging each other to pack light.

CAPA introduced a safety video entitled “Don’t be that bean!” following this study.

Now CASA has introduced four new videos, each focused on a specific common cabin safety issues: passenger disruptive behaviour, smoking violations onboard, fire hazards from electronic devices lost between seats, and not carrying baggage during cabin evacuations.

CASA Beans on Cabin Courtesy

CASA Beans — No Smoking Onboard

CASA Beans on Lost Personal Electronic Devices

CASA Beans—Leave the baggage behind!

It’s an adorable cabin safety campaign and the results are quite satisfying.

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