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Delta strengthens Miami network to support LATAM partnership

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In support of its partnership with LATAM, and to extend the reach of both carriers in the Americas, Delta Air Lines will add 13 new daily nonstop flights to Miami International Airport (MIA) from hubs and top corporate travel destinations around the U.S., including new service from Orlando, Raleigh-Durham, Salt Lake City and Tampa.

With this expanded network, Delta will offer 41 daily non-stop options between 10 U.S. airports and Miami, with all flights offering Delta’s First Class and Delta Comfort+ product. Delta’s partnerships extend the airlines reach from Miami across the globe to 12 international nonstop destinations, with LATAM offering 10 additional international destinations from Miami.

“As our new industry-leading partnership with LATAM develops, this announcement broadens our footprint in South Florida to provide our customers with better connections between the U.S. and South America,” said S.V.P. Network Planning Joe Esposito. “With this expansion, we are now well-positioned to provide superior service and a convenient network for customers connecting between our airlines as well as for travellers going to and from South Florida.”

In addition to providing Delta’s Miami-based customers with more options throughout the airline’s network, Delta’s new flight schedule will be timed to maximize connectivity with LATAM. The two airlines are co-located at MIA, allowing swifter connecting times for customers.

The new flights will be available for sale beginning Saturday, Jan. 18, 2020, and will begin operating by summer 2020.

“By expanding service at MIA, Delta Air Lines is helping us meet the growing travel needs of our community,” said Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez. “These new flights ensure that Miami-Dade continues to build its reputation as not only a key destination for regional travellers, but also a critical gateway to the Americas and the rest of the world for international travellers.”

“We congratulate Delta Air Lines on its new additional daily flights for MIA,” said Lester Sola, Director and CEO of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department, which oversees operations at Miami International Airport. “We are incredibly proud of their growth and very excited for the opportunity to provide our passengers with greater connectivity along with enhanced flight options. We look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with Delta to offer the best customer experience to our passengers.”

Delta and LATAM aim to lead connections between North and South America

Delta’s increased service into MIA is part of the carrier’s developing partnership with LATAM, announced late last year. This strategic partnership would bring together the leading airlines in North and South America, offering expanded travel options for customers with access to 435 destinations worldwide.

Together, Delta and LATAM will create a comprehensive combined carrier network throughout the Americas. Customers will benefit from expanded travel choices across the Americas and increasingly seamless customer experience, including reciprocal loyalty program benefits. The enhanced cooperation is subject to governmental and regulatory approvals. 

Delta and LATAM recently announced plans to launch codeshare sales for select flights operated by certain LATAM affiliates in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru beginning in the first quarter of 2020, pending receipt of applicable government approvals.

The schedule for Delta’s new MIA flights is as follows:

DirectionDepartsArrivesAircraft TypeService Begins
Miami to Orlando8:359:46Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 Noon13:11Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 15:2516:36Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 18:5020:02Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 22:1023:21Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
Orlando to Miami6:407:47Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 10:2011:28Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 13:4514:53Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 17:1018:18Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 20:3521:43Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
Miami to Raleigh-Durham9:4511:57Embraer ERJ-1755/22/2020
 20:3022:49Embraer ERJ-1755/22/2020
Raleigh-Durham to Miami6:459:03Embraer ERJ-1755/22/2020
 17:1519:35Embraer ERJ-1755/22/2020
Miami to Salt Lake City9:4512:51Boeing 737-8007/28/2020
Salt Lake City to Miami13:4520:27Boeing 737-8007/28/2020
Miami to Tampa8:459:49Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 Noon13:08Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 15:2016:27Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 18:4019:50Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 22:1523:23Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
Tampa to Miami6:457:54Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 10:2011:27Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 13:4014:46Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 17:0018:09Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020
 20:2521:36Embraer ERJ-1755/4/2020

A portion of travel for some itineraries may be on Delta Connection® carriers.

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