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A closer look at LIFT’s new PARADYM seating

The PARADYM seat concept by LIFT Aero Design may be an ideal fit for the new long-haul Premium Economy market.

The PARADYM seat concept by Lift Aero Design resolves many cabin issues for long-haul flights and gives airlines fresh opportunities to increase revenue on Economy+ and Premium Economy cabins.

I recently received a close-up look at an update to the PARADYM seat concept by LIFT Aero Design which was short-listed for the Crystal Cabin Awards 2022, direct from the designer Daniel Baron.

“We originally conceived PARADYM with a future single-aisle aircraft in mind, and the reaction by the market has been very positive,” said Daniel Baron, LIFT Aero Design’s managing director. “After the invasion of Ukraine and the resulting increase in flight times, we realized that the concept is relevant right now.”

The closure of Russian airspace resulting from the conflict in Ukraine has increased many long-haul flights to ultra-long-haul—flights between Narita and Frankfurt are now 15 hours long. LIFT Aero Design decided to tweak this future seating concept to fit current widebodies so that they might relieve the stress on passengers while helping airlines introduce new seating class concepts.

They particularly target airlines with hybrid product concepts and long-haul LCCs, which may currently have dedicated premium economy cabins but need greater flexibility. Or existing full-service airlines looking to create a sub-fleet for leisure markets.

An airline seat designed for Wellness

Image: LIFT Aero Design
The curved headrest of the PARADYM seat offers Economy passengers privacy and a nice spot to rest their heads. Image: LIFT Aero Design

The post-Covid era: wellness now occupies a larger space in the decision to fly long haul. We propose a new category of comfort for passengers, with increased flexiblity for airlines.

Lift Aero Design
The PARADYM includes two fully retractable armrests for every passenger, even the one in the middle seat. Image: LIFT Aero Design

The PARADYM’s design is all about passenger comfort, as well as airline revenue optimization.

  • 20 inches between armrests
  • Double non-fixed armrests
  • Three potential products

Flexible LOPAs (location of passenger accommodation)

LIFT Aero Design

Lift Aero Design proposes a shift to extra-wide triples in a blended Economy, Economy+ and Premium Economy cabin, which presents “New opportunities to increase yield and loyalty in the space between Y and J.”

PARADYM addresses the need of airlines to better match supply with demand.

The extra wide triple would be nearly the width of a quad, with two armrests that can be raised.

Each extra wide triple could be sold as enhanced-comfort economy to three pax, premium economy to two, or “economy flat” to one. It would eliminate need for a separate PEY cabin.

Lift Aero Design

Multi-purpose extra-wide triple seats would replace the four seats currently in the center section of economy cabins. On A350, A380, and 777, wide triples and wide doubles could be used in a 3-3-2 configuration.

Since Premium Economy (PY) appeals, it would make sense for airlines to offer more PY-adaptable space in the Economy (Y) cabin as an up-sell option, boosting the revenue potential of this undervalued space. Any unsold seats could be offered to loyal passengers as a LAY-FLAT bed Economy upgrade with last-minute bidding for this prime place. Image: LIFT Aero Design

[Editor’s note: Just a quick reminder to readers that Lufthansa has confirmed what we have long known— Premium Economy is very profitable.]

With PARADYM’s flexibility, any row can be “enhanced economy” or “premium economy”. And with its width and double armrests that are not fixed, PARADYM would give airlines the ability to sell more flat beds as an a la carte product, creating a new “economy flat” or “premium eco flat” category.

LIFT Aero Design

LIFT believes airlines could integrate the various options into their ancillary sales strategy, adding a lay-flat bed option as they might have food and beverage options. If sold as a last-minute upgrade bid (as some airlines have successfully done with their upgrade offers), this could give airlines an opportunity to increase the revenue share of unsold economy seats at a price point that airline passengers would find irresistible.

“Airlines are constantly faced with the challenge of matching supply with demand due to the inability to quickly convert seat hardware,” said Baron. “Our concept simplifies the cabin while helping operators leverage their existing revenue management tools.”

The PARADYM seat might also support airline sustainability through fewer seat programs and longer product lifespans.

Imagine having three airline seats to yourself and a lay-flat bed.

Some taller passengers might have to bend their knees a bit, but most will have plenty of room to stretch out on this triple. Image: LIFT Aero Design

“We are now in a fundamentally different era of air travel,” said Baron. “As a design studio, our job is to challenge the status quo with new ideas that address the needs of airlines and ultimately inspire more people to fly long haul. My design partner Aaron Yong and I are massively pleased with how PARADYM has turned out and believe it has the potential to be a game changer.”

Take a closer look at PARADYM by LIFT Aero Design

View the full LIFT Aero Design PARADYM Seat presentation.

More About LIFT Aero Design

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