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Collins Aerospace Unveils Aurora: The Future of Business Class Travel for Single Aisle Aircraft

Just the Facts

In a bold move to revolutionize business class airline cabins, Collins Aerospace, part of Raytheon Technologies, has introduced Aurora, an innovative and luxurious lie-flat Business Class suite designed specifically for narrow-body aircraft. The new seat was unveiled this week at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg.

Aurora seat will revolutionize business class airline cabins.

With a focus on exceptional comfort, intelligent design, and customization, Aurora sets a new standard for premium travel experiences on single-aisle planes.

Let’s explore the features and benefits of this groundbreaking suite.

Narrow-Body Flying with Wide-Body Comfort and Space

“Aurora’s exceptional comfort, space and thoughtful amenities offer travelers a luxurious retreat, providing an elevated experience harmonized with wide body standards,” said Cynthia Muklevicz, Vice President of Business Development at Collins Aerospace. “Intelligent design, engineering and integration provide premium levels of privacy, living area and customizable options without impacting cabin density and allows customers to make Aurora uniquely theirs.”

Intelligent Design and Integration

One of Aurora’s key strengths is its seamless integration with existing or bespoke cabin furniture. By incorporating directly into the front and aft structures, Aurora maximizes cabin density while also creating additional work areas and storage for the crew. This integrated design enhances the spaciousness and openness of the cabin, giving passengers a more comfortable and relaxing environment during their journey.

Optimized Passenger Living Space

Aurora’s unique configuration optimizes passenger living space and storage options within the suite. The seat width is maximized, providing passengers with more room compared to existing solutions. Passengers are set deeper into the seatback and positioned next to the window, ensuring enhanced privacy while maintaining a generous 78 inches of bed length. This perfect blend of comfort and privacy allows travelers to unwind and rest in a serene atmosphere.

Customization Opportunities

With Aurora, customization is at the forefront. The suite offers an array of opportunities for airlines to refine their passenger experience. Whether it’s adding a privacy divider for those traveling with a companion or choosing from bespoke trim and finish options that reflect the brand’s design language, Aurora allows airlines to create a truly unique and tailored environment in business class.

The Future of Business Class Travel

Aurora’s introduction represents a significant milestone in the aviation industry and demonstrates Collins Aerospace’s dedication to innovation and passenger-centered design. It promises to revolutionize the business class travel experience on narrow-body aircraft with outstanding comfort, smart integration, and customization options. This innovative suite reflects the future of business class travel as more airlines choose long-distance flights using single-aisle planes. Collins Aerospace is constantly pushing the boundaries of aerospace innovation, connecting the world and prioritizing passenger safety, comfort, and satisfaction.

Just the Facts

  • The new Collins Aerospace Aurora Business Class seat will be delivered to its first customers in 2024.

About Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace operates as part of Raytheon Technologies, the world’s largest aerospace and defense company. The company’s workforce of 73,000 employees worldwide creates innovative solutions for passenger safety, mission success, space exploration, operational efficiency, and sustainability. Their work brings powerful aerospace concepts to life.

About Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Technologies (NYSE: RTX) stands as the largest aerospace and defense company globally. With a workforce of 180,000 employees, the company pushes the boundaries of established science to reshape global connectivity and security. It focuses on advancing aviation, developing advanced defense systems, and driving innovations for space exploration. With 2022 sales reaching $67 billion, the company is based in Arlington, Virginia.

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