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Hyperion Aviation Transforms Passenger Experience with Advanced In-flight Entertainment Solution by Moment

In-Flight Entertainment News from the Paris Air Show.

In the aviation industry, delivering unparalleled passenger experience is key to retaining clients and staying ahead of the competition.

Aircraft operator Hyperion Aviation is stepping up the game by integrating the advanced in-flight entertainment solution, Flymingo Jet, into their service offerings. This marks a shift towards smarter aircraft technology that is easier to install to enhance the passenger experience on business jets.

Taking In-flight Entertainment to New Heights

In-flight entertainment (IFE) has become an indispensable aspect of the aviation industry, and the choice of IFE systems is particularly delicate in the realm of private jet travel where premium experiences are expected. Hyperion Aviation has recently adopted Flymingo Jet, a top-tier onboard entertainment solution developed by Moment.

The partnership with Moment, a provider of entertainment, e-commerce, and connectivity services, was sparked by Hyperion Aviation’s need for a standalone, portable inflight entertainment system. They aimed to deliver an outstanding experience to private jet owners, resonating with their customer-centric approach to service.

Flymingo Jet: A Flexible Aircraft Technology Upgrade

Flymingo Jet has proven to be the perfect match for Hyperion Aviation’s diverse fleet, from small light jets to ultra-long-range heavy jets. The compact system combines reliability with flexibility, enhancing the onboard VIP passenger experience and simplifying crew procedures.

Simple to install, Flymingo Jet offers passengers seamless access to a dedicated digital platform through their personal devices. The platform boasts an extended catalogue of content adapted to the nationality and language of the passengers, including films, series, magazines, and music.

Positive Passenger Feedback and Future Expansion

The introduction of Flymingo Jet into Hyperion Aviation’s service offering has been met with positive responses from customers. According to David Barma, COO of Hyperion Aviation, “In-flight entertainment has become an essential service for business aviation where premium is very important. We are very pleased with the performance of Flymingo Jet, from its ease of installation to its design aspect adapted to a demanding clientele.” He further revealed that the solution has been enthusiastically adopted by clients and plans are underway for its further deployment.

About Hyperion Aviation and Moment:

Hyperion Aviation is a seasoned aircraft operator managing a diverse portfolio of privately-owned business jets. The aircraft management company has a 10-year track record as a global operator based in Malta. They assist aircraft owners in jet management, charter, aircraft sales and structuring, airline and leasing support services. With global expertise covering the needs in aircraft sales, charter, maintenance, and management, the company supports its customers across their entire business. Learn more about their services here.

Moment provides entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity services for the travel industry. Offering a wide array of solutions deployed globally across transport and hospitality companies Moment leverages technology to elevate customer and crew experience. They reach 120 million passengers a year worldwide on airplanes, trains and boats.

Since 2013, Moment has been recognized for developing open-innovation projects while building long-lasting client relationships. Today global operators and carriers like LOT Polish Airlines, Malaysia Airlines and Air Cairo rely on the agile mindset and innovation of Moment. Discover more about Moment here.

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