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Vietjet’s Strategic Move Towards Airline Sustainability with Safran’s Z200 Aircraft Seating

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Revolutionary Aircraft Seating: The Z200 by Safran Seats

During the Paris Air Show, Vietjet announced it had selected Safran Seats to equip 120 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The airline selected Safran’s state-of-the-art Z200 seats. The order totals 24,000 seats.

The Z200 is part of Safran Seats’ product line for short and medium haul economy class seating. One kilogram lighter than previous generations, the Z200 aircraft seat makes a significant stride towards enhancing airline sustainability.

Enhancing Airline Sustainability with Safran’s Z200 Seats

The new generation seat plays a crucial role in cutting fuel costs and carbon emissions, supporting Vietjet’s sustainable goals. Safran Seats’ innovative technology offers airlines an appealing option to balance environmental consciousness with top-notch passenger comfort.

Catering to Modern Passenger Needs with Z200 Airline Seats

Safran’s Z200 seats not only offer comfort but also contribute to airline sustainability. The seats’ features support passengers’ digital lifestyles, with a Portable Electronic Device (PED) holder and USB ports. The Z200 Efficient+ configuration also lowers total ownership costs for airlines with lightweight design, minimal parts count, and easy maintenance procedures.

Elevating the Economy Class Experience with Safran and Vietjet

Vietjet CEO, Dinh Viet Phuong, said of the order, “The selection of the latest generation seat Z200 affirms Vietjet’s commitment to modernizing our fleet by investing in the core details of the aircraft’s cabin interior.”

Safran’s attention to detail, advanced technology, and experience help Vietjet offer the best and affordable flying experiences to its passengers. Vietjet’s selection of Z200 airline seats shows their commitment to enhancing the passenger experience and building a sustainable future.

Safran’s CEO, Victoria Foy, echoed this sentiment, saying, “We are thrilled to provide Vietjet with our latest generation of Economy class seats. This is the first time that we partner together, and we are delighted to support Vietjet’s operations for the years to come.”

Thai Vietjet will receive the first of the Z200-equipped aircraft starting in mid-2024.

Just the Facts

  • Safran’s advanced Z200 aircraft seats across 120 Boeing 737 MAX fleet, totaling up to 24,000 seats.
  • The first of the Z200-equipped aircraft will be delivered to Thai Vietjet starting mid-2024.
  • Safran’s Z200 seats include a Portable Electronic Device (PED) holder and USB ports.

About Safran

Safran is a multinational high-technology company that operates in the aviation, defense, and space industries. It aims to make air transport environmentally friendly, comfortable, and accessible. With 83,000 employees and €19.0 billion in sales in 2022, Safran holds key positions in its markets and is dedicated to research and development for environmental priorities. It is listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange and is part of the CAC 40 and Euro Stoxx 50 indices.

Safran Seats is a top manufacturer of aircraft seats for crew and passengers, with 1 million seats currently in use worldwide.

More information: / Follow @Safran and @SafranSeats on Twitter

About Vietjet

The innovative airline Vietjet has transformed the aviation industry in Vietnam and beyond. Vietjet focuses on cost management, efficiency, and top-notch performance while embracing advanced technology. The airline offers affordable and flexible flying options and a wide range of services to meet diverse customer needs. Vietjet is a proud full member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and holds the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) certificate. As Vietnam’s largest private carrier, Vietjet has earned a prestigious 7-star safety rating from It is listed among the world’s top 50 airlines for financial soundness and operational efficiency by Airfinance Journal for several consecutive years. Additionally, Vietjet has been awarded the Best Low-Cost Carrier rating from Skytrax, CAPA, and Airline Ratings. For more details, visit

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